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Racism is a particularly virulent meme based upon the concept of mankind being divided into different races, normally including the assumption that one race is superior to all others. One who subscribes to such a belief is known as a racist. Racism has been responsible for the subjugation and persecution of black people brought to North America from Africa as slaves, policies that have denied fundamental democratic rights to millions, and for the deaths of six million people classified as being of Jewish descent during the Second World War

Racism on SD.net Forums

In the forum's early days, the board faced an invasion by the World Church of the Creator, an overtly racist movement.

Mike Wong, who has experienced racism first hand, does not take kindly to it. A very good way to get banned is to say something negative about him based on his Chinese ancestry.

Racism in Science Fiction

Racism is sometimes a specific theme in science fiction, although science fiction racism is usually keyed to an attribute other than skin color. In Elizabeth Moon's Vatta's War series, for instance, prejudice is more often associated with genetic modifications than skin color, although a planet settled by white separatists ("phenotypists") does figure prominently in one of the books.

Racism in Star Trek

Star Trek stories often feature progressive themes, but a rather blatant -- though often overlooked -- form of racism has become prominent in Star Trek. In Star Trek, an individual's behavior is easy to predict if you know the person's race.

  • Klingons are expected to be violent and aggressive.
  • Ferengi are expected to be greedy and dishonest.
  • Romulans are expected to be sneaky and manipulative.
  • Cardassians are expected to be ambitious and deceitful.

In Star Trek, a person's destiny is almost always determined by his or her race, the only exceptions being humans.

Racism in Star Wars

Racism on the part of the Galactic Empire in Star Wars is rather obvious; the high-ranking officers of the Imperial military are almost exclusively white male humans. The Rebel Alliance is far more open, with humans of all skin tones as well as a variety of aliens holding important positions.

George Lucas has been accused of making some of the alien races in Star Wars racist metaphors. The Neimoidians, for example, have been described as stereotypes for Asians, while the Gungans have been called stereotypes for blacks. Individuals who are members of the visible minorities that have supposedly been insulted don't always see the resemblance, however.

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