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Ferengi in their first appearance

The Ferengi are a race of interstellar traders who operate in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy in Star Trek.


Ferengi society revolves so heavily around economic interests that it has literally become a religion, with a holy book known as the "Rules of Acquisition", a heaven called "the Divine Treasury", and a hell called "the Vault of Eternal Destitution". Social status depends primarily on wealth, which successful Ferengi display as ostentatiously as possible. Gender also affects Ferengi social status; female Ferengi are not permitted to engage in business, earn profit, or even wear clothes. There is a growing movement to lift restrictions on female economic participation, however.

The Ferengi government has never been clearly explained. The chief executive is an individual with the title of Grand Nagus. Little is known about the organization of their government or the selection of government officials, although some form of anarcho-capitalism seems likely, with the Grand Nagus acting like a CEO or Board Chairman for a corporate-style government. The behavior of many of their representatives in dealings with other races suggests that corruption is rampant in their society. An agency known as Ferengi Commerce Authority exists to enforce certain rules, employing agents known as liquidators.

At least some independent Ferengi starship captains carry the title "Daimon", but its significance is unclear.

A Ferengi starship


Ferengi tend to be shorter in stature than humans, but they also tend to be strong for their size. They have enlarged ears which may enable them to hear sounds that are too soft for humans to detect; loud noises like thunder are known to cause them pain. Ferengi brain structure is apparently unusual among the humanoid races of the Alpha Quadrant, making them highly resistant to telepathy. Ferengi usually have sharply pointed teeth, but the existence of "tooth sharpeners" as a common personal appliance calls into question how sharp their teeth are naturally (as well as suggesting that their teeth don't stop growing).

They also derive erotic pleasure from ear massages, which they refer to as Oo-Mox.


The Ferengi have a homeworld called Ferenginar, but the extent of any other Ferengi holdings is unknown. It was stated that Ferengi females were (unless they had special permission) unable to leave Ferenginar (DS9 "The Magificent Ferengi").

Threat Assessment

Ferengi technology is comparable to that of all of the other major powers in the Alpha Quadrant. Their ships appear to have weapons and defenses sufficient to stand in battle against a Galaxy-class Federation starship. Few Ferengi have any interest in conquest or military pursuits, however, due to the dominant culture of "profiteering" in their society. Social status among Ferengi depends almost exclusively on wealth, so Ferengi have little interest in military training if it won't help them make money. Some Ferengi "Daimons" (captains) have tried piracy as a means of building wealth, but their success has been limited (one such individual famously met his death at the Battle of Maxia). Consequently, the Ferengi have poor military readiness, despite their wealth and the availability of top-quality military hardware.

Ferengi of Note