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Humans -- scientific name Homo Sapien Sapiens -- are a species of sapient life-form native to Earth. Humans are bilaterally symmetrical carbon-based bipeds with four appendages (two for locomotion, two for manipulation) supported by an internal skeleton. Their bodies are covered by a mostly smooth, elastic skin with a few light hairs covering much of their body, concentrated in large crests on their head. Humans Reproduce sexually and have two distinct genders, one of which carries the infant internally over a nine month gestation period after conception. Humans are descended from arboreal omnivores which left the trees to live on the grasslands of Africa. An average human stands between 1.6 and 2 meters tall and masses between 40 and 80 kilograms. Humans' most important adaptation is their capacity to think and use tools; this has given them the ability to do great things and unleash death and terror upon the world like no other species.

Humans in Science Fiction

Humans are typically a prominent species in science fiction stories. Indeed, few science fiction stories don't feature humans in a primary role. This is likely because all known science fiction writers are themselves humans. Humans are sometimes called Terrans in science fiction.

In the Stargate franchise, Earth humans are known to most other races in the galaxy as Tau'ri.

In the Star Wars universe, humanity is among the most widespread species in the galaxy despite the fact that Earth and humanity's exact origins have never been mentioned. Some have theorized that Coruscant is Earth, in spite of the opening of every Star Wars movie clearly stating that the events depicted did not occur in the Milky Way galaxy at all.