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He's a Gungan, but they hate to admit it.

Gungans are a race of amphibious humanoids native to the planet Naboo in the Star Wars galaxy.


Gungans live in cities hidden in the oceans of Naboo. The number of Gungan cities that exist is unknown; only one was shown in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The Gungans were ruled by a "Boss" who appeared to be supported or advised by some kind of council. It's unclear whether this was the government of just that city or some larger Gungan political entity. How Gungan officials obtain their offices was not described.


Gungans are strong swimmers who can either breathe water or hold their breath for an extended period of time. They can apparently remain healthy out of water indefinitely, even in arid environments such as the deserts of Tatooine. While quite tall, they do not seem to be exceptionally strong.

Threat Assessment

A Gungan city.

The Gungans were able to field a substantial army with which to confront the droid army of the Trade Federation. Their weapons included electrified spears and electromagnetic pulse weapons they called "boomers", which they could throw from slings or primitive catapults. Their offensive weaponry suggests that their armies are not intended for land warfare. During the Clone Wars, they sent military assistance to the Mon Calamari during a Separatist invasion.[1]

The Gungans possess sophisticated shield technology. While used primarily to keep water out of their cities, it is portable enough to carry to the battlefield on trained animals of some kind and powerful enough to repel blasts from Trade Federation hover tanks. Smaller shields carried by individual Gungans were able to resist fire from blaster small arms. The only Gungan vehicle seen was a small submarine called a "Bongo"; on land, they use draft and riding animals for transportation.

Gungan resources are limited to what they can produce in their cities on Naboo. They appear to have no starships, nor do they seem to have any expansionist aspirations. They would appear to be a very minor power by both Star Wars and Star Trek standards.

Notorious Gungans


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