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Theed, Capital of Naboo

Naboo is a planet in the Star Wars universe situated on the outskirts of the Galactic Republic. The planet supports life with diverse ecosystems including large stretches of grasslands, lush rainforests, swamps, and abundant sea life. Naboo is notable for its lack of a molten core; instead a network of flooded tunnels twists through the planet's interior, allowing submarine vehicles to move rapidly about the planet if the passengers are brave enough to face the sea beasts that inhabit the tunnel system.

The term "Naboo" may also refer to the human inhabitants of the planet.

A Gungan undersea city


Naboo is populated by the sapient, native, amphibious Gungans and an established population of Humans, of which only the latter had representation in the Old Republic until its last few years.


The ruler of Naboo's human population is the Monarch who -- despite the title -- is an elected official. In 32-BBY, Naboo was invaded by the Trade Federation, but the invaders were soon forced to retreat.

Naboo's status after the fall of the Republic and rise of the Empire is unclear.

Notable Citizens