Bannable offense

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You're terminated!
Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
A bannable offense is an action on the BBS that will get a user's account locked and possibly their IP address blocked from access to the site. SDN is a pretty tolerant board, but there are some activities that will get a user banned, including the following:
  • Calling someone a Fag, or Faggot, etc.
  • Openly saying you're leaving the board never to return again due to its members or culture, typically resulting in Mr. Wong showing up with Galvatron.
  • Unauthorized use of Sockpuppets, or being a Sockpuppet.
  • Excessive Spamming.
  • Breaking the Board rules.
  • Ignoring warnings or notices from Moderators or Admins about breaking board rules or Etiquette excessively and failing to improve or stop said actions.
  • Attempted hacking.
  • Attempted Commercial Spamming.
  • Racism, especially Racism directed to Mike.


The only conceivable way to have a ban lifted would be to somehow convince Mike to do it. If you think you've got that much contrition in you, feel free to try sending him a message through the feedback form.