Why do some people smell so bad?

Arrggh!! I was at the coffee shop today getting a sandwich, and somebody came in with that stinkboy smell. You know that smell certain people have when they sweat? It’s a foul, acrid, nose-curling smell that a normal person will never emanate even after a sweaty workout, but which certain people emit as a matter of course.

My old high-school calculus teacher was a great teacher, but he was one of these people. Every day, if you came to him early in the day it was OK, but by the end of the day he stank up the room. Let’s just say that you didn’t sit in the front row if you knew what was good for you. Is it diet? Is it genetics? Is it both? And why have I only observed it with males?

My brother once floated the idea that people like this probably suffered from chronic constipation, and their bodies were so loaded with toxins that it was oozing out of their skin pores. It’s certainly an amusing idea, but I have no idea whether it makes medical sense. In the meantime, can’t these people buy some deodorant? Or Lysol themselves every few minutes? Or perhaps wear one of those pine-tree car air fresheners around their necks, like a pendant?

It’s just wrong to buy a sandwich and suddenly have your nostrils violated by someone’s high-powered underarm stench. Spoils your whole damned appetite.

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  1. surlethe says:

    Wierd thought: I’ve noticed a couple of kinds of sweat smells. There’s the acrid stench described in the entry, and then there’s the ‘work-sweat’, which smells more stale than acrid. I’ve associated the acridity more with nerves, and the ‘work-sweat’ with — surprise — work.

    • ChrisSTINKY says:

      hello my name is Christine but I was always cCalled Chris STINKY and I could never make friends in school as a child and never knew why. My mom always bathed me and cried a lot about it and when she told me it’sgenetic. I got it from my father. my mother as well and not been affected for me to get it.I’ll have it the rest of my life. B 21 years old in the only guy that I actually think I fell in love with has the same problem as well and all I come on through internet for us to find some answers and always see if you guys just completely be waiting those of us who have to have this horrible disease and handle it you don’t even know if we don’t know how to actually take care of it and here we just trying to find some information from people because it’s not very well studied and then we can’t find any of that just want to sit there and act like they’re in high school and pick on people well you know what you guys should grow up and get off of an MD site so that we can actually talk about things oh wait I think this might not be in on this site so what the hell are you even doing talking about this. it just makes me sick that somebody asked a simple question wanting some advice on something being incredibly f****** really rude

  2. aerius says:

    The worst is those greasy fat guys on the subway who you can smell from halfway down the subway platform. And if they get on the same car as you they stink up the entire cabin despite the best struggles of the subway’s ventilation system. It just boggles my mind how people can stink like that, it’s unreal.

    • Whocares says:

      Aerius, I think they smell like that on purpose. It’s a passive aggressive way of messing with people. They want to offend others without opening their mouths. Incidently, I had a husband who smelled. He showered regularly, but within two hours of a shower with an antibacterial soap, he started stinking again. I made him sleep in his own bedroom. Finally I divorced him because I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life smelling him. Perhaps if he drank fifteen glasses of water daily, and cleansed his body with herbal cleanses and stopped eating so much garbage, but I couldn’t wait around for him to figure it out.

    • Rachael Parravano says:

      Don’t be such a fucking dick some people can’t help that

  3. Ace Pace says:

    Ah, and this gets worst when its 40C and the guy in question is moving around to spread the odor around the room.

  4. Guardsman Bass says:

    There was a kid who sat next to me in “Business Law” with the permament stinkboy smell, which may have occurred from the fact that he seemed to rarely shower, and was wearing all black jeans and sweatshirt. He was also my roommate on the Model United Nations club trip to New York City, which probably explains why the room smelled so bad.

    Incidently, what I think is worse than the mere stinkboy smell is when it gets mixed with the smell of someone’s ass.

    • alba says:

      As I witnessed once, a woman smelled so foul that all her office smelled like rotten rat for some 10 years: I always wonder how her co-workers could put up with that smell. To my surprise, last year I went there and she didn’t smell any more! I suspect someone begged her to shower, and it worked!!!! If she could stop smelling, believe me, anybody can. That’s why I get mad when people stink in the supermarket, I have to leave my husband do the shopping by himself while I go back to the car. It is not fair, why don’t they shower before going out?
      Mary Contrary

      • Veronica says:

        Okay so Ima just flat out say this is a constant problem
        Of mines.. Like I’m very healthy and I also SHOWER but, no matter what I feel like I smell bad.. I see ppl holding there
        Nose around me even switching seats however when I get
        The courage to ask them it seems like they deny smelling
        Anything smh this is ruining my life I’ve been to dr after dr I’m medically in dept because of this and no one can seem to help me find a solution I’m highly depressed often have thoughts of suicide and cut all friends out my life.. Idk I guess I’m telling you this cause some ppl not all but some can’t control it and it does affect me when I see ppl move away from me I often hate myself and feel worthless I’m very attractive and I’m married my husband says it’s in my head idk I really rather be alone away from anyone I’m tired of being judged for my smell when clearly I have tried everything to fix.. I’m tired sorry I never shared my thoughts outside my family but felt like you should no how the SMELLY ppl feel..

      • Brittany brinkley says:

        Some people don’t always have that choice no matter how much they shower and wear deodorant. It’s just something most people wouldn’t understand unless they dealt with it themselves.

      • Danny says:

        Really ignorant and rude how you talk about someone not knowing their situation merely assuming someone doesn’t take a shower. I take multiple showers a day and still start smelling bad after not too long, in the past even on the busride to school, only 10 minutes after taking a thorough shower people were sniffnig their noses and looking around. Do you think people should stay home and not get any groceries just cause you happen to be disgusted by the smell? What about these people who smell like this their entire lives and can’t do a damn thing about it? pretty privileged now aren’t you? Do you think those people do not know they smell bad? It is soul-destroying when you know you smell bad and can’t do anything normal people do, because you know how they will react and it sets you even more off. Try crapping your pants and walk around all day and feel what people who experience the same thing every f-ing day of their life.

  5. DrkHelmet says:

    I’ve noticed that certain people, when they are sick, actually stink. Showering will give them a few hours of cleanliness, but they will then begin to stink again. This only occurs when these people are sick. I am of the opinion that in many cases, it may not actually have to do with whether the person showered, but it is in fact because of a toxin buildup in the system.

    Just an opinion.

  6. Woolie Wool says:

    A lot of people think they don’t need to shower or use deodorant because they can’t smell it themselves. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that the human brain can block out a sensory signal that flows in continuously (which is why you’re not aware of your behind being compressed while sitting until you do something that brings it to mind such as reading this sentence).

    So, guys, even if you don’t smell BO yourself, wear some fucking deodorant.

    • walt1948 says:

      some girls(women) stink too. they sray themselves instead of taking a shower! Don’t know who taught them that. Not the same as cleaning up in a shower or bathtub…. SO get real … go get real clean!

      • drake says:

        I completely agree, I liked this one chick in high school, hung out w her once outside of school to make a move, and she REEKED like B.O. I never talked to her again.

      • abagale says:

        omg totes true

      • kaiko1959 says:

        These women who spray themselves instead of taking a shower smell worse than if they had not sprayed themselves! It amazes me because it takes more time and energy to cover up funk than to just get rid of it! It appears that it is “fashionable” to be stinky and funky these days. I resigned from a job because I was being stalked by a man that smelled of dog poop and ass and he trained his co-worker to stalk me and she smelled of unwashed ass and something burnt. Don’t come to Washington, DC. The smell of black people will make you gag.

    • abagale says:

      btw my comment is for woolie wool

  7. MarkusDemetrius says:

    I recently moved in with my sister and her daughter, who are both extremely obese people, and guess what? FAT PEOPLE REALLY DO SMELL BAD! REALLY, REALLY BAD!

    Every one of those folds of flesh is worse than an armpit – arms get lifted up and the armpits occasionally get aired out – yet we still use deodorant under there. Those folds of flesh breed stink way worse than any normal sweat I’ve ever smelled. When they walk thru a room and leave, the smell lingers – and its twice as worse as the smell of vomit, I’ve never smelled anything like it!

    My neice gets gas a lot, but you can never smell her farts as they’re not strong enough to overpower her body odor!

    So all you porkers please do the rest of us a favor and boycott polite society. Believe it or not, we REALLY DO find you more offensive to our noses than you are to our eyes.


    • Melanie says:

      What a jerk why don’t u try & help eaten pineapple everyday will reduce the smell & stayaway from stronger smelling foods ( like onions )

    • maddie says:

      I kind of agree there os this kid in my class he’s fat.People always say mean things about him beacause sometimes when he walked by you could sell something funny?My teacher found out about it and said ,”Don’t talk about him again”And so on.My personal fellings is I think people shoud keep that
      kind of stuff too themselfs. And that’s just my opinon.SO IF YOU CAN’T SAY ANYTHING NICE AT ALL THEN KEEP YOUR

      • j says:

        Your teacher only said that because its their job to say that.I had an english teacher like that-she’d babble reports about illegal immigration by the president word for word(She apparently didn’t realize a three year old can not travel over a hundred miles on foot,alone,and then wade through a river adults need boats to get across)-at the same school I’d see a student threaten to kill student B’s family(in front of the teacher mind you) and rape students B’s mother,and when student B threatened to kill the other student if he dared to attack his family guess what happened?Suspension for student B. Teachers are required to say certain things- its all politically based- the student who did the threatening was ‘poor’ and thus attempts to punish him would be frowned upon as Student B’s parents owned a house that they had inherited when Student B’s grandparents died.

        Furthermore such stench only occumulates when one does not bathe.Most areas have ready access to large bodies of water;it may be unpleasant to bathe in cold water but its better that smelling so bad you induce a deadly asthma attack(Not only have I bathed in rivers before but I also have severe asthma-to the point that some one who had used scented body wash an hour ago could send me into an attack.Someone who smells like rancid milk induces attacks far worse than that.

        Which is worse-Being a little uncomfortable or being sued for negligent homicide(You had the opportunity to bathe presented to you in the form of a body of water- you can be held accountable)?

    • Charlie Sommers says:

      I am a fat man who takes baths and I do not stink! The BO you describe develops thanks to an aversion to soap and water. The smelliest human I ever smelled was a customer at the grocery in which I worked before retirement, he was a very slender man but his armpits were so rank you could smell his acrid stench three aisles away. It would make your eyes water. Don’t dis fat people, save your anger for dirty people.

      • Carole Heath says:

        I agree with Charles Sommers some people do think bigger people smell more which isn’t always true as Charles has said about the man who was slim who used to come into the shop where he worked. Some people do not bath or shower enough and change their clothes regular. It is a horrible smell and I can’t understand how some people can’t smell it themselves. I worked with a woman many years ago who had bad odour in her private area. It got so bad the person in charge had to talk to her about it as the other staff couldn’t stand the smell. Of course she could have had a problem but in this case that was not so. She told the person in charge she couldn’t get into the bathroom to shower or bath in her house and could only bath or shower every two weeks. She did clean up her act so to speak and the odour disappeared thankfully so she must have had more than one bath or shower every fortnight.

    • no says:

      Ive known plenty of fat people (and hell Im kind of fat myself) but I can only think of a couple that smelled bad all the time (and one of them being probably the worst smelling person Ive ever met but you could tell by looking at him that he didnt bathe). If the fat person still bathes they should be fine lol, though I can imagine if someone gets morbidly obese they wouldnt have the energy to bathe anymore or wouldnt be able to reach. Btw, why are you living with them then?

    • Fuck you says:

      how about you go fuck your mother?

    • just a thought says:

      Ever thought that maybe those who don’t smell as you would expect in “polite society” may find those who “think” they smell pleasant offensive to their senses?!?

    • Tee says:

      This is one of the most cruelest, vicious and ignorant comments, I’ve ever read. It is even more sad that it is about a person’s family with who you live with. ALL heavy people do not smell. While it is true, that larger people have to be more aware to attend to those folds and crevices you mentioned. But, people of ALL sizes can suffer from body odor. It is simply shameful, that “big” an “fat” seem to always be synonymous with “stanky”..because it isn’t…powder with corn starch, FDS or products that help decrease sweat can help many…not just larger people with body odor. Please learn to be kinder people, it wouldn’t hurt anybody…and enough with stereotypes..My mother was a larger woman…and she NEVER had body odor…took great care of herself to make sure she didn’t and taught her girls the same so no malicious type of people would talk about us this way…..

    • abagale says:

      u disgusting peice of shit . How could u say that about ur own family . I know lots of people who are fat and they smell nice . U r the type of person i could kill nd feel no remorse its not about the weight its about the molecules in there sweat . wat u just said really made me feel physically sick . U revolt me .

      • Kim Il Sung says:

        Wow you must really find life difficult if you get affected so easily.
        1. Take control of your emotions.
        2. Learn to write properly

      • Haha says:

        Abagale don’t spell no good… ummm hmmm…

      • grammernazi says:

        You* disgusting piece* of shit . How could you* say that about your* own family . I know lots of people who are fat and they smell nice (I’m dying of laughter right now) . You* are* the type of person I* could kill and feel no remorse (anyone else kind of scared?) it’s* not about the weight it’s* about the molecules in their* sweat . What* you* just said really made me feel physically sick . You* revolt me (I’m pretty sure you can’t revolt someone).

  8. terry says:

    every last one of you are pansies, especially you who wrote this article. Another human smelled bad and you had to deal with the smell for 2 seconds and you lost your appetite? Do you have a vagina? Because thats the only reasonable explanation why you would be so heavily impacted by another human’s smell, let alone another man’s odor. To address this ignorance on this page; there are a few medical conditions/illnesses that cause odor. Look it up. Also don’t talk about people in this manner unless you plan on confronting them for their benefit about their “odors”. Karma is a real force in this world, keep it up and you’ll learn the hard way why some people “stink”. Get up and do something you lazy fuckfaces besides worrying about smells.

    • Michael Wong says:

      I love the way you assume that if people don’t like other peoples’ body odour, they must be lazy and effeminate. So in your mind, masculinity means enjoying foul body odour? Perhaps you have terrible body odour and this asinine idea makes you happy. Do you really think you can make people learn to enjoy horrible body odour by berating them for not doing so?

      By the way, karma is not a “force”; it is the Buddhist idea that there are natural consequences for actions, but it is not a drop-in Eastern replacement for Christianity’s concept of divine judgement.

      • JBT says:

        “Do you really think you can make people learn to enjoy horrible body odour by berating them for not doing so?”

        Do you really think you can anonymously berate people online for their odors, medical or not, and not come off as an asshole?

      • Michael Wong says:

        Well, I guess JBT must be one of the smelly people.

    • Reasons says:

      I have to agree with your comment it’s point on.

    • abagale says:

      Omg thats like soooo sexiest yh i get ur point nd i agree like y r u gonna go searchin it up bcoz someone smells bad but thats still rude tryna say that if u send that comment then ur probably a girl or women so make ur point but dont down grade women .

      • Ben says:

        Jesus, why don’t you learn to spell. I am not English and I don’t speak like “y dont u do dis an y dont u do dat. Its there fault an not minez if u r lyke dat”

    • Em says:

      I completely agree with you except for the part where you’re a sexist prick. Don’t present intelligent defensive arguments and then ruin it by attacking another group of people.

  9. Dianne says:

    I work as a driver with an obese person. After the long drive, my co-worker leaves a smell much worse than vomit in the seat. I personally think it is undigested food emitting gases & something like sewerage inside the body. And yes, toxic buildup of epic proportions. This person is otherwise kind & attractive.

  10. Maria says:

    We here in the Southern Europe have the plus of having warm weather most of the year. I personally dont like summer, but i can get along with that adjusting the air conditioner to low temperatures at home, having refreshing shower everyday … but i have had the bad luck of being around coleagues and people who stink. Stinks make me numb and mad, i cant stand bad smells. Last year in college i had this girl at my class who always stink, be it summer or wnter. She did not looked very clean (greasy hair, stained clothes..) althought it looked it was not lack of money, cause she actually could afford an apartment in Lisbon, a car and pay food, bills and college expenses. Somehow she seemed to have much fondness for shower. She stank to sweat in summer and in the other seasons a poignant smell to…mold, i guess. Once in the classroom someone said “hey it stinks around here” but she did seem to ignore or turn a blind eye on. When someone says “hey do you remember that girl, tall, short brown hair, blabla,” “Hmmm i dont remember” “The one who stank” “OH THAT one! Eww” I dont know if she knew or not, but it was very annoying to whom where nearby her.
    And beware of catching a crowded bus in Lisbon here in mid summer, specially in days of soccer games or party nights in june. It can be a very bad experience regarding smells…

  11. no says:

    If its a really bad sweaty smell, well some people do smell really bad after working out outside. Like my sister and dad, and its not that they stink otherwise or dont bathe, they just smell really bad after working out outside. Could be that, or other reasons.

  12. Neesy says:

    There are a lot of smelly people in our world for a variety of reasons like:

    -The food that they eat. Spicy foods (not spicy not, but spicy as in a lot of different spices) like turmeric, cumin, garlic & onions, etc. These don’t only give bad breath but they seep through your pores. They upside is that they are very good for your health.

    – Not wearing deodorant is another one. For those you don’t want “all those chemicals” there are natural products that can help.

    – Not wearing clean clothes. I’ve known people who shower, wear deodorant and still smell bad. Why? Because they air out their clothes instead of washing them.

    – Some people are sick and some medications can make them smell bad, especially their breath. This especially includes people who have infections in their mouth.

    No one can escape the propensity to stink and offend. But this article is specifically about overweight people. Having a few extra pounds won’t be the culprit, though. Morbidly obese people, on the other hand, do smell bad. It’s because of the bacteria that forms in the folds of their skin that does not air out. All of us are walking bacteria but of it can be aired out we are less likely to smell. Even if all of the above contributors are avoided, unless there is frequent wiping, they will smell.

  13. marcus says:

    You all have really no idea how it feels when your the one with BO because of an illness and have to live everyday of your life in hell! Like the person that wrote this blog – I bet if he had to endure some of these peoples lives he would only be a moments time from suicide. It’s true some people are smelly cause they are unhygienic but mistaking a person with an illness with one who is generally unclean happens too often and is destroying each of these peoples lives. Just saying. Peace out.

    • Kendi says:

      Ignorance is bliss. They don’t know how good they have it.

      • John Roadcap says:

        Exactly. These people think it’s funny to humiliate people who have an illness. A very SERIOUS illness!! It’s disgusting that you people think you’re better than someone else because of the way they smell. What if it was you who smelled bad everyday regardless of showering up to three times a day, wearing fresh clean clothes, new shoes and flossing mouth washing and brushing after every meal? Case closed. You’re all assholes.

      • Lisa says:

        I have tried everything in my life to stop smelling bad.

        I am extremely hygienic. I take seceret showers at work because I’m always afraid of smelling. I’ve seen doctors who got angry at me for wasting their time to talk about something like this.

        I’ve sat on the edge of my window a million times thinking maybe jumping off will end all my hurt and humiliation. I can’t go about doing normal things without being afraid that someday someone will scream at me or hit me because I smell do bad and I upset them.

        I’m sick of people rubbing their noses when I’m with them. I’m so sorry I upset you in so many ways with the way I smell. I have tried eating clean. I’ve tried medications. I’ve tried detoxing. I’m only left with taking the leap off my window…

        I didn’t choose to smell bad. I want to be normal. I pray and cry everyday to be able to walk pass someone and not be worried about upsetting them with my smell.

        I hope I die soon.

        I’m sorry.


    • Veronica says:

      Thank you
      You couldn’t have put it any better
      Some ppl just don’t understand or
      Maybe just don’t care.. Ignorance is bliss

  14. Pepper says:

    I hate to sit next to a person who stinks very bad but i tend not to show the person that i can hear him smlling bad cause maybe its nt by him that he stinks and if i show him it could bring stress to him he might even comit suicide…

  15. tazz360 says:

    My roommate will take a bath she smells fine after her bath 4 hrs later she has the most foul oder. She used deoderant washed with soap and water washed her hair. I asked her what is causing that nasty smell ? I am not trying to be mean but you smell bad 4 hrs after your bath. She told me I have always smelt bad and I do not know what to do. Does anyone know anything to help her to stop this.?

    • NAVNEET says:

      tell her to use a lemon in her underarms everyday .Atleast for a day she ll not smell.moreover she can clean her smelly area with a toothbrush..don let her use deodrants bcz they ruin the skin
      also tell her to kp tissue papers with her if she sweats readily

    • Brittany brinkley says:

      I have the same issue maybe a gynecologist can help. It’s worth a shot.

  16. Constantine says:


    It’s called Trimethylaminuria. Look it up. Educate yourselves. The world is a better place when people aren’t so uneducated. I have a friend who suffers from this and he got it bad in high school. That’s why he only hung around compassionate, intelligent people who understood his plight. In a way, it’s a blessing because it keeps the jerks away.


    • lenholysprit says:

      trimethylaminuria is smell like a fish, but how come my staff smell like a pig, honestly!, and no matter how many times i remind her to take a bath, she ignore me, she is too lazy to clean up herself as well as her cloths.

  17. Taylor says:

    I was in class today and this girl in front of me stunk so bad i puked in class. someone pray for her!

    • Chanelle says:

      What do you smell like? I mean honestly, do you realize that everyone smells like something and that you might not smell like roses yourself. Certain smells bother different people in different ways, but while you’re making such a big deal about the girl in front of you, you might smell just as bad or worse to someone else.

      Maybe instead of being such a drama queen, you should act like an educated person and move your seat instead of trying to humiliate someone because of your personal preference. That’s sort of a sign of low self esteem. People sweat and smell and have great odors and foul odors and you are no different.

      • Michael Wong says:

        I take showers, and my wife would never hesitate to tell me if I needed one. It’s not complicated; most people have no trouble with this. When you live in a city of 5.2 million people, you rub shoulders with a lot of individuals, and most of them do not have powerful body odour.

        I love the way you think it’s a “sign of low self esteem” to want to get away from a foul odour. Nice armchair Freud tactic, but I’m afraid nobody will buy it.

      • Anonymous girl who smells says:

        I smell like a strong, offensive body odor and fish. And, it’s embarrassing… But, not my fault. In the morning, I shower with soap, dry off properly, put on deodorant and clean clothes. Same routine when I come home for school too. However, no matter how hard I try, by the end of the day I smell. I know the problem. I have anxiety and I’m really depressed. So, whenever I hear a sniff, see someone cover their nose, see someone move their chair far away, someone gives me a dirty look, someone talks about me be hide my back or I think someone thinks I smell, my hands get sweaty, I panic, my armpits get damp and I feel like I’m going to faint. After the first panic attack, I smell bad for the rest of the day and there’s nothing I can do. And, honestly, it’s absolutely one of the WORST feelings ever. Every day, it just make my depression worst and I feel like I’m going to cry. I hate most humans. They’re monsters. Any tips on ending this suffering or I feel like I’m going to kill myself. Michael wong, I dare you to walk one day in my shoes.

  18. Chanelle says:

    The interesting thing is that people cannot usually smell themselves. I understand this smell bothers you, but you might smell this way to others and not have any idea.

    Have you even noticed that animals smell one another and move away if they do not like the smell. I think this is the same natural habit humans should have. Maybe you should be focusing on yourself more than everyone else and merely move away from the people who do not smell to your liking.

  19. hermes says:

    The other day I was next to a woman who smelled so bad I felt like I was going to puke. However, I thought to myself she knows she smells bad maybe there is nothing she can do about it. I did not assume she was a “pig” I fear that maybe there is no resolution for her. I have encountered this before and because I am so easily queasy I just non nonchalantly slithered away. I am overweight but I happen to be over conscious of smell because I am so sensitive to it. This is hard to deal with because I see this woman at a lot of events for school . It is so bad I have had to leave the area and still smelled the odor as she had passed through the area many times. I dont know how much more I can take of it. I was looking for advise but the only thing I can think of is to bring my asthma mask next time I see her but that will only last one visit . I am really in a pile of sh…t.

  20. Eric says:

    My hat smells pretty bad.

  21. sharree says:

    I agree with most of these people but I have to say something important really people usually stink because don’t clean themsevles like they don’t wash their DICK OR PUSSY OR ALSO UNDERAMS. They also act like they don’t even care about themselves

  22. Me. says:

    i’d just like to say sorry for the two people who were sick, due to my state of personal hygiene. i can fairly happily that i have not had a bath for 3 weeks, but the honest truth is that im scared of water. i cant help it.

  23. Me. says:

    I’m sorry for all the terrible things i’ve done, especially for earlier this week. Due to the state of my personal hygiene, or rather, lack of, i caused two people near me on my bus to be sick, it was, i have to admit, in a rather immoral kind of way, quite funny, as both were sick at exactly the same time…but, i have decided to think about what i have done, ,and have come to the conclusion that I must share my problems with everyone, so that people will be considerate of the fact that, to put it blandly, I have issues. So… here it is…the simple fact that I am scared of water. There, now everyone knows. I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. Thankyou for listening. Have a nice day! :)

    • jan says:

      You do not need water to cleanse yourself. They have waterless cleanser to clean yourself with. Go to a Pharmacy and ask for a waterless body cleanser. If the pharmacy does not have one they may order one for you.

  24. Brandon says:


    I agree with you regarding the fact that if an odor surfaces because of lack of hygiene, then someone should be *politely informed about it. I too am not fond of smells that aren’t pleasant to my nose. The thing that irritates me is that you do not acknowledge the fact that the source could be a disorder (I fall victim to it.) It’s one thing if someone is unhygienic, I get that, but to segregate someone or a certain group of people because of something that is beyond their control (no cure for TMAU etc. [only treatment, doesn’t entirely work]) is simply inhumane. It would be a similar situation if I were to make a stink face if you walked into the room because of your race (no this isn’t a form of a racism, it’s a hypothetical *I am 50% Filipino), how would you feel?

    Like what ‘marcus’ above said; you wouldn’t last a day with our disorder if you were diagnosed with it. The only silver lining that I can relate to this would be that God has a plan for me, one that has this ‘smell’ as a test to prove that I am not mentally weak nor commit the sin of suicide.

    My point is, is that if you have a problem with someone confront them about it, instead of being a typical wuss who hides behind their desktop acting all high and mighty because they can verbally humiliate someone over the internet.

  25. SpeakingTheTruth says:

    God please help these people.

  26. Ur crazy says:

    U r really mean and u know what just because u think that ur not hurting somebodies feelings well u r and let me tell u something a lot of people stress a lot like maybe ur teacher u said that in the morning he didn’t smell but in the afternoon he smelled its because he had a lot of stress u don’t have to be that mean about it like seriously.

    • Michael Wong says:

      Oh no, I’m too mean? Well in that case, I might as well continue, by pointing out that you seem to be functionally illiterate. Learn English.

      • Athena says:

        She can’t. She doesn’t know what English is. TextSpeak is her native language. She should be shipped back to Illiterateville.

      • evry1needs says:

        In all utter kindness, we are in a more modern time. if the only way you can make yourself feel better is by shutting down some that is writing in slang, then you need to seek some counciling.
        P.S: your words have power and you could’ve seriously hurt this persons feelings.
        P.S: GET UPGRATED!

    • Athena says:

      I didn’t understand a word of that.

  27. Someone says:

    I have this problem and I’ve tried everything. Don’t judge us like we never bathe or have no hygiene. I shower, wear deodorant and everything possible, but nothing seems to work! Honestly it sucks. When I do gym class after 10 minutes I have a lot of sweat and people laugh and make fun of me. My friends tell me and I do what I can, but I always smell bad! Nothing works so to all you haters I get it some people are gross but many like me can’t help it. Just learn to accept it. It’s like someone who looks weird. They have odd sometimes displeasing features, but those who brave it and get to know them learn they are really good people. I have lots of friends, and even though I know there are people who judge I know I am a person who deserves respect so please stop. Thank you for taking time and reading this. I know I smell and I hate it but please don’t judge, and learn to have respect for people with this condition. And to anyone who has this like me I pray that you grow out of it or just learn to live your life, like I did. Those haters are dumb and don’t deserve to be your friends.

    • sekuru sabha says:

      i agree with you too,i smell bad and it all started last year,i bath everyday,change clothes and i tried all deodorants and non of them seems to help,people judge me and sometimes i just think of taking my life….i really wonder why this is happening to me

    • Brittany brinkley says:

      I would like to be your friend if that’s OK, I’m going through the exact same thing, you’re not alone

    • Joel says:

      Try kirks castile soap It’s a bar soap very cheap Walmart sells it it takes the stank away. Lifesaver

  28. James says:

    I have this really bad smell about me now it’s been going on for about 7 year’s now i don’t know what to do to help it i take alot of showers at least two a day if anything i can do.

  29. Frank says:

    I sometimes get this smell. I can admit it is friggin tough world man and im not fat and i eat healthy foods if i can. Sometimes the humiliating experience is so bad i can pass out.. lol and i have to try to think bcoz i have a job to do… it is tough supressing life.
    For those who smell May God bless and provide you a way in life.
    God bless all.

  30. Seriously says:

    especially the women these days.

  31. jan says:

    There are a lot of reasons people have body odor. Like the many replies and reasons put forth above some people have a “bad smell” about them. I must say it is a tough call on how to deal with any given situation. Public place move away. Coworker, ask the manager to have a talk with the person. Friend or spouse tell them politely. Now I am going to stretch this discussion to include the smelly people who douse themselves with smells, (cologne, perfume etc,) to hide body odor, (oh yeah it makes it worse) or those who think everyone needs to smell you walk into a room. Artificial smells are the worse smells in the world. I am not talking about a soft scent, I am talking about the rank smell of some colognes and perfumes. Now that is what bothers me and I will not be quiet. Gives me a headache!

  32. Ethymoetic Resuch says:

    There’s also some people especially Indian people (mostly dark ones) that like to smell nasty. They do this because they like to be as jungle as possible for as long as possible then masturbate or fuck. That’s when they usually bathe and then ‘reset’. But they will get stinker and stinker the longer they haven’t released their nuts or pussy juice for. So basically they like to smell stink and be themselves as stink fucks for as long as possible without social problems. Infact, if they could live in jungle without redicule they absolutely will for a while, but they will want cookies to eat still.

    This isn’t a hate message at all, infact, some of the smart ones will realize the sincere truth in this.

  33. David Jordan says:

    You are what you eat, literally and seriously.

  34. Lisa Smith says:

    I honestly do not know if I stink or not. I can say that I have gone so long between bathing that I forget how long it has been. And there was a time at work, several times actually, when I was approached by my boss who would say that SHE almost never has time to shower. Which in retrospect I suppose was her way of trying to get me to admit that I never do either. But the reason why I don’t is because I have bipolar disorder. When I am manic, I am too busy to shower. It is the last thing on my mind. When I am depressed, I am literally too depressed to take care of personal hygiene. There is a small window of time every six weeks or so where I will feel well enough to want to take care of myself and calm enough to do so. I am aware that I do this. I try to act differently. I am on 7 different medications and my dosages are constantly being adjusted. I hate it. I want to be normal too. I know that when I am showering regularly it is a sign that I am stable. I wish I were.

  35. evry1needsLove says:

    People should really think about what they post up on websites. the person they are talking about could be reading what they are saying, and know that they are being described to thousands of people. Just imagine what you would feel like, like really think about it. Lower your ego and take a moment to think about others, and i pray that the realization that others have feelings will hit you smack in the face. Hopefully it will leave a mark that you will never forget and will be a reminder.

    • Kaiko1959 says:

      If I never washed my body or wiped my rear end, I would not be offended if someone wrote about it. Seriously, we’re not talking rocket science here; we’re talking about bathing. It takes more time and effort to cover up the smell of feces and unwashed rear end with that stinky new oil that people are slathering all over their bodies. A man came into my office suite the other day smelling of feces, unwashed rear end, stale weed and that new stinky smell. THE CHAIR STILL STINKS. No one wants to be physically assaulted with that smell. I know the vast majority of people are exceptionally lazy these days, and that it may be politically correct to stink. Think about it. Would you want to cause someone to vomit on a bus because some woman pays $5000.00 for a hair weave and can’t take a bath? Or a man who complains that it is too “stressful” to wipe his rear end after a bowel movement?

  36. keleee says:

    I think fat people stink because of the folds of skin getting sweaty and bacteria forming. The bacteria is what smells bad. When I worked in a Nursing Home a long time ago we washed the large patients skin folds with soap and water followed by a squirt of watered down Betadine solution. It is the red Iodine liquid they use around a surgical scar to keep it from getting infected. It worked because it killed any bacteria in the fold. I think an antiperspirant roll on would help in the same way.

  37. kaiko1959 WILL says:

    If you don’t wash your rear end and attempt to cover up the odor with stale Shower to Shower body powder, you WILL stink. I suffered a major health problem because a man who is stalking me at work walks back and forth past my office. His body odor is like that of dog poop and a dead body. It’s not rocket science and you can get a bar of soap at the dollar store for fifty cents. Wash. It’s not rocket science. I don’t want to smell it, nor do I want to be inundated with funk from stinky men who make it a career out of stalking me at my age, nearly 56. This is causing me serious health damage.

  38. julio lopez says:


    Trimethyaminuria Syndrome aka TMAU

    No cure, no treatment & no research because there are more “important” diseases like cancer.

  39. neymar fan says:

    in south africa if you smell bad its going to be very hard for you. i homestly smell and am in grade nine. south africa has the rudest people alive… i think thats why south africans can surviv american bullies because compared to sa thats childs play…

  40. debby says:

    I think body odor is caused by many different reasons. One that is obvious is not bathing yourself. If your not showering/bathing your self no matter what size you are skinny or fat your body will smell. Sure a heaver set person has more to clean but as long as they clean themselves and keep areas dry, body odor and smells will not be an issue. The bigger issue aside from not bathing is what is going on internally. I can say from personal experience, that my body odor became an issue after my immune system became weak. No amount of showers will help with eliminating the odor. Much more I had used every deodorant on the market to try to get rid of the smell. Even after my shower using antibacterial soaps I still smelled when I dried off. It was very frustrating. So I did some research. I experimented, and finally found a solution. One was taking a probiotic that is refrigerated. There are different kinds I used the one with the highest potency. I drank much more water. I developed my own deodorant, I followed some recipes on line but added a few more ingredients. I washed myself with natural lye soaps. I then washed my underarm areas with lime and lemon. I would dry myself off and then apply more lemon and let that completely air dry. Finally I would apply my own deodorant. I have been smelling fresh and clean. I had suffered with this nasty skunk like odor for over a year and a half. I finally figured it out and it worked out for me. By the way, I am not overweight. What you should add to your deodorant is things with natural antibacterial properties.

  41. Allison Graham says:

    I’ve suffered from unexplained body odor since I was 13. I never had any problems being around friends at school. Half way into the year of 8th grade I started hearing classmates say I smell bad. Fast forward to now at 27 about to turn 28 in September, and I’m still suffering. I’ve tried almost every solution others have had success with from CureZone and nothing works. I have been insulted, ridiculed. I had people look at me disgustingly, move away from me on buses, and trains. I’ve cried myself to sleep asking GOD to remove this curse. Sometimes I even think maybe it would be better if I wasn’t here period. My life is suffering. I have no friends, no boyfriend. I feel like I’m going to end up old and alone. It’s all well and good for people who don’t have this problem to just chock it up to poor hygiene, and give advice as simple as “go take a bath”. There are those who smell due to poor hygiene, but for a lot of other people this is not the case. A little compassion and understanding goes a long way, but from what I’ve seen that’s far and few. For all those suffering, just keep the faith, and I pray that we all will be cured from this debilitating problem.

    • Anon says:

      I’m so comforted…in a sad way…to know that I’m not alone in this! I’ve been doing research though and there are so changes in diet and probios that might help….that and a ton of prayers. the hardest part for me is not knowing when i smell bad or not because i cant smell it when i do!

    • Brittany brinkley says:

      I pray for you sweetie and I’m sorry for what you are going through, ever need someone to talk to I’m here.

  42. erin says:

    Hi, I just want to say that it is true that there are some people that smell bad for other reasons besides lack of hygiene. There are some who have cancer who smell bad and there are those that are on remission and they also have a bad odor most likely because of the therapy they went through. Now imagine that a person who is lucky to overcome their cancer and be alive, now has to deal with people being ignorant. We never know what people go through and by further judging them will not help. I am a really nice person and do not like putting others down. In high school there was a girl who would smell and people would always whisper about it. I never did because I did not want to make her feel bad about herself. Especially in high school where people are so susceptible to scrutiny I would not want her to harm herself. I am 20 years old and recently I am going through a body odor issue because of my constipation and my organs are not working the way they should. An I feel bad when I have to sit through my classes and people become repulsed by me. I am a somewhat shy person who was not confident before this and now my self esteem is at an all time low. I just hope that I will get better and have my health back. Because I’m afraid of living this way. All I want in my life is to be happy and to do the things I always dreamt of. I admire those who go through this and have no control over it and they are strong. I hope that you all who go through this find hope and get better. As for me that is all I want. Just please before anyone judges another person please think before you act.

    • Meg says:

      I have the same issue. I somehow just acquired it. I don’t know if you’re aware about TMAU. It’s a rare metabolic disorder. I suspect this is what I have aside from being constipated. People are just rude and mean. I hope they will undergo and experience the same thing. I stink because of a medical reason and not by poor hygiene.

    • someonee says:

      oh my goodness. i really relate. i thought i was alone in this. there needs to be some sort of “normal people who smell not so pleasant” support group in life. ugh

  43. erin says:

    Also I just want to add that the people who tell me stuff about my odor. I do not get mad at them at all. I understand where they are coming from. It is normal for people to react to things that are unpleasant. It makes me more sad that I have to go through this and then face the scrutiny from others. I sometimes tell people I am sorry for the odor I am emitting. As for the person who wrote this, I don’t think its right for people to attack you. You are just reacting the way any other person would. An you are voicing your opinion. Just please if you do come across another person with strong body odor do not tell them something. Just ignore it no matter how unbearable the odor may be. Trust me if I had more people just not approach me and tell me that I was disgusting and embarrassing. I wouldn’t be so saddened about all this and I just hope to regain my life back.

  44. Dennis says:

    Lavilin (www.lavilin.com) is highly effective at killing odors. All-natural product.

  45. perspective says:

    ok, serious response,
    some people may have a chronic disease related to body odor (ever heard of those? google it.) sometimes the smells the human body emits cannot be controlled by the person emiting them, and you may be offended or whatever, but think of the person, the human being that might not be able to control this offensive smell and has to live with it. Not everyone can just take a shower and smell fresh the rest of the day, some people might need professional help from a doctor and at times that doesn’t even help. So think for 5 fucking seconds before you post something so de-humanising and cruel again,

  46. help says:

    I now this girl that smelled really bad she would take long showers and still smell kind of weird she’s a little fat. When she sweats it gets terrible she goes to the doctor and medication works temporary what do you think she should do

  47. liz says:

    Sometimes people don’t realize they smell and they may not have been taught to
    take care of themselves. I was “raised” in a family of nine kids and my parents didnt follow through with how to bathe or take care of your teeth, etc. My smells ranged from not knowing how to wash properly, dry properly after baths, protect myself from athletes foot, do laundry properly and regularly for that matter.
    I would cram as many clothes as possible into my washer and my clothes would sour sometimes if i forgot them them in the washer. Then i never realized that i had to bathe every single day in summer including washing my hair!
    Its like i was destined to be that girl who stinks.
    Now i am good, i learned through lots of insults and little by little learned how to fix the proble

    There is something about smells that make people crazy and they will react pretty viciously. Sometimes people band together over it and make rude comments in conjuction, this is a very hard way to lesrn. I just wish the teasing would have been less and there had been a relative or family friend who noticed and tried to help in a positive manner, while i was a kid.

    Those teasing days on the job were painful and brought on trust issues with people. It taught me to help insteadvof focusing on the smell. My step daughter had sinus trouble and her foot odor was bad. We googled and discovered tea foot soaks and neti pots. This was much better than how i learned…in fact we are going to explain soon about daily summer body care.

    I may show her some of these posts so she can know how people will not tolerate other human beings so you have to handle your business.

  48. liz says:

    High blood sugar can rot teeth, cause yeast infections and foot odor if there is mild fungus already. Beef and pork take longer to digest and can cause internal body odor. When i eat cheese and bread (pizza or nachos) hich constipates some people onion or these meats, I take papaya enzymes to break the red meat dow. Cascara sagrada to ensure regularity, chlorophyll which cleanses blood and internal body odors and try to not have sweets.

    I spray sundcreen on after i dry off to slow down sweating, keep your vagina at proper ph level. If there is a smell itch and you know its an approaching yeast infection, you can use a tampon with any kind of vinegar or tea tree oil and it will change the ph instantly.

    The corn starch thing really works under boobs, on bikini line, anywhere you sweat. Better than baby powder which causes fungus to grow instead of preventing it.

    take care of cavities and tooth decay. I kill bacteria with listerine at night before bed, and have discovered that colgate optic white toothpaste and mouthwash take scum off teeth and entire mouth. I use these in the daytime.
    I still am not taking care of my teeth like i should. Regular cleanings, eliminating broken teeth and cavities plus above fixes bad breath.
    Orbit WHITE is the strongest gum, even kills beer breath.

  49. Michelle Lattimer says:

    I have problem with people always hold their breathe when I came. I feel frustrated with ppl. I don’t have friends because smell really bad. I noticed ppl always coughed at me and complain to smelling me as bad. I asked them what’s wrong? They said oh nothing and covered up their noses and closed mouths and open the windows. I asked them are u okay? They said oh yes I am fine. I feel frustrated. I feel like to kill myself. I am tired of fucking ppl.

  50. quagmire69 says:

    its not something a person should have to put up with to smell someones stink funk. its rude to subject people to that if fat or not. and you women who smell up a room like rotten fish all day just from being in said room for 5 minutes should be fumigated. nasty

  51. nancy says:

    To all of you that have made front of people who stink
    My mother always said
    A dog smell his own shit frist

  52. L.A. says:

    Some people are not holy, or they might have an illness. That’s why some people smell bad.

  53. dee says:

    This makes me really sad. I suffer from a really bad body odor and have tried everything in my power to make it go aeay. I am by far one of the cleanest people you will meet and yet, you’d never know it. I take long hot showers with good soap and shampoo, sometimes up to 3 times a day and no matter what I do, I still smell bad. I’ve spent a lot of money on different deodorants, body washes, soaps and detergents and still, the curse of this smell haunts me. I even buy expensive colognes you’d find in department stores (Lauren, Gucci, Prada, Varvatos) yet they don’t work either. I’ve become desperate to a point where I would try anything. Nothing has or ever will work. Vitamins, diet change, nothing. It’s a living hell. I exercise frequently and sweat it out and immediately shower to see if that would work but of course that only lasts maybe an hour tops. My hair smells immediately after I wash it with some good high end products. I’ve spent so much money, it’s pathetic and I’ve become hopeless at this point. Nowadays, I don’t even bother buying those expensive products. What’s the point? You wouldn’t know otherwise. I’ve contemplated suicide because of this issue. I can’t go in public places unless it’s really late and the place is 24-7 with fewer people at night. I avoid contact with so many individuals because of this problem. I also have no job because let’s face it, who would put up with someone like me. I am worthless and should just die from something so I no longer have to live depressed all day and in shame. I’m such a waste of space

  54. Shank says:

    Ey are you daft it’s called BO people get it even you do people don’t always carry around deodorant with them also some people sweat a lot and wtf spray there selfs every two minutes if I stunk and you said that to me I’d say go fuck yourself or you can buy me around four tins of deodorant a day daft cunt. Its life get over it you probably smell the way you ramble on.

  55. Charis McDaniel says:

    For many people it is an enzyme problem. Diets full of protein can cause alot of people to have an extremely bad odor. At this time there is no cure. But those of you who don’t know where to start begin with omitting eggs and red meat.

  56. Isac says:

    I used to work at McDonald’s. One day I was cleaning the dining room, and this man came in, reeking of dog shit. He walked past me on his way to the rest room, and he stunk up the whole dining room. He walked past me again coming out of the rest room, and again he stunk up the whole dining room. The smell lasted for a few seconds, which was quite long when you take into consideration that the stink was terrible. in fact, the stink was so repulsive I couldn’t stand it. I could’ve died from that horrible smell. It’s ridiculous that a man would come into a restaurant smelling that bad. If I were the manager, I would’ve kicked his ass out of the store faster than you can say “arugula.”

  57. Isac says:

    One night my mom (who is dead now), my sister and I ate at Wendy’s in Tampa, Florida. This little girl was in the restaurant smelling of shit. The smell was so bad that I didn’t want anything to do with her.

  58. Cosh says:

    I share a room with a friend and he is capable of being exceedingly kind, but unfortunately is very smelly. He is on medication, and doesn’t eat very healthily, which perhaps goes some way towards explaining this, as well as the fact he doesn’t seem to wash very often. We are good enough friends that we can lie down and hug together, but I could never sleep with him in a million years. He has various smells about him, all of them unequivocally awful. When he speaks to me or hugs me, I have to turn my head away as he seems to breathe all over me and his breath is so terrible. Then there’s also a rotting food smell (rotting apples), the BO most of us get from time to time, and the smell that emanates from him when he hasn’t showered, which is really ghastly – reminiscent of young teenagers who haven’t discovered washing yet. He came into the room a couple of nights ago and I had to burn some incense, because the stench was all-permeating and really terrible. I am planning on moving out asap as the room share was only meant to be a temporary arrangement anyway and I cannot be in the room at the same time as he is without going crazy (he is also autistic and has a number of tics and mannerisms which drive me bats), so I usually am out all weekend and in the evenings. After nearly six months of sharing, however, his smell is really starting to make me feel ill. I mentioned it to him early on and he said no-one had ever mentioned it to him before. (!) I have suggested things he could do to improve it, but he does not seem that bothered about personal presentation – outside of his work clothes, he only owns 2 black sweatshirts and a pair of 8 year old sweatpants which are threadbare and have holes in. I bought him a new shirt and he never wears it – so I don’t think grooming exactly comes high on his agenda!

  59. John says:

    There’s this one kid who always sits next to me in class, has no sense of personal space, or apparently smell either. Every single day he comes to school, and every single day he reeks of sweat and dog shit. I hate him.

  60. Annette says:

    I work with a girl that some days she smells like rotten eggs. Her mouth has a foul smell and she does not wear deodorant. I have told her that she stinks and all she says is that her nose is stopped up and cant smell a thing. I heard she baths. The funny thing is her house looks like a rat trap and she said her daughter is just like her. omg I often wondered if she is a demon and thought about getting some holy water to pour on her.

  61. Annabeth says:

    Currently, I’m sitting next to someone in class who has an extremely offensive odor. Whenever she comes into the room, I unconsciously hold my breath, because I’ve learned to associate her presence with her stench. Now, she doesn’t have a sweaty smell, exactly, but just a… greasy smell that makes her seem like she hasn’t showed in a week and is trying to cover it up with perfume to little effect. I haven’t said anything to her about it, because she really is a nice person whom I don’t want to offend, but at the same time it’s really getting unbearable.

    Anyone else have a similar issue? I know I’m not alone here.

  62. Penelope says:

    There is a condition that some people have where they stink so bad they need to shower four to five times a day. A friend of mine stayed at my home for four months and I know she showered that much, as I watched it happen daily. I also had to pay the hot water bills. I picked her up after a run up Mt. Timpanogos, and I had to open my car window and speed home before I died of toxic smell. I have never smelled anything so vile on a human being. Please don’t judge everyone who smells, thinking they don’t shower. I know it’s extremely repugnant, but sometimes they cannot help it. There is no cure. Poor people.

  63. DDDD says:

    bad breath can also come from the stomach and when you are sick. that’s probably why some people smell bad.

  64. joe omorodion says:

    it is disgusting when you are riding on the train somebody sitting close to you have a terrible odor, so terrible you want to throw off.
    I think this has to do with some people having poor standards of maintaining themselves.
    I know some guys who prefer half bath to full bath.
    Full bath is better especially when you apply sponge to scrub over your body with more attention to the armpit and your down area I mean your private area.

  65. Shelly ballard says:

    My name is shelz, I suffer from bromhidrosis a genetic body odor from one of the parents. For you ignorant motherfuckers we are cleaner than you, and your fucking opinion does not count I’ll be that chick that will get beside you and fart and then ask you did you smell that any say fuck you at the same time, I don’t waste my time educating dumb bitches like you because when you talk about us you show all your insecurities. I’m that chick that will cuse you the fuck out after 3 surgeries 4 dermatologist and all to correct my issue fuck what you think you’d wish to be as strong as me. Any questions email me at classyldy83@outlook.com O have a great day.


  66. Shelz the queend ont you forget it says:

    Good afternoon, to you dum fuckers i have bromhidrosis and have suffered from it for 16 years if you have no education its a skin disorder genetically from a parent or it happens after puberty you can say what the fuck you want but im willing to bet my last foodstamp im cleaner than all of you or maybe i should fart to give you something really to smell. So the indirect bull shit you dum muthetfuckers do like cough say indirect shit about other people but really talk about us be ready cause im coming fa ya try me after 3 surgeries, five dermatologist and every physician in va fuck ya because you wish to be as strong as me weak mutherfuckers and the reason you try and bully is because you are insecure. Any comments inbox me. Classyldy83@outlook.com. fucking idiots

  67. Bigelow says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble, buddy. Everyone stinks, go back in history…thus the reasoning for bride’s having weddings in June. Until the development of antiperspirant, no one had the luxury of smelling good all day long. Writing such judgment’s about something that is completely natural to the human body, and condition is absurd. Particularly I “sense” you don’t smell as fresh as petunias yourself.

  68. alice wanjiku says:

    This young lady we was sitted on a public vehicle bt that bad smell was coming out of her vargin I really didn’t know what was smelling.what was it?

  69. Anonymous girl who smells says:

    Also, I have bacterial vaginosis which is not due to bad hygiene but that can be fixed with medication.

  70. mic says:

    i just wanted to say that in 21st century everyone washes themselves so its not because of lack of hygine. so dont be rude to these people because who knows one day it may happen to you ass well

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