2011 to 2012


2011 Quebec Trip

2011 Vacation in Calabogie (near Ottawa), Ontario


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  1. Allan Smith says:

    Good day.

    I’ve been an immense fan of StarDestroyer.net and all of its links for well, about a decade. I was wondering if it’s ever going to get completed?


    • Michael Wong says:

      Unfortunately, I haven’t done much work on the site for a long time. I can’t say I’m ever going to “complete” the thing, per se. It’s just something I tinker with occasionally.

  2. J. Hudson says:

    Hey. I absolutly LOVE your star destoryer website and was wondering “Is it possible for you to do a Stargate version too?” Please and Thank you!

  3. Michael Rorman says:

    I like the Star Wars Vs Star Trek site also. I have no debating talent like you under normal circumstances but, after a pitcher I gain bonus powers. I would not champion Star Trek though, I think the Spaceballs would defeat the Empire. I will have to get back with you on the technical specifications of Mega-Maid.

  4. I came to your site looking for a rebuttal to the notion of anything deemed pornographic being misogynistic, and after reading that you and your wife watch porn together, decided to see if you had photos of her. Hey, I’m married to someone who thinks porn is all about self-esteem issues, I’m curious.

    Anyway…uh…there are some photos of Rebecca from 2011, and in one of them some items are pixelated out…and then in others, one of the things pixelated out is the largest item in frame. :-)

    I wouldn’t draw attention to it except that they were edited out in one photo. The pix are sweet imho because it seems like you have a healthy relationship. :-)

    • Michael Wong says:

      Well, my web hosting provider has certain terms of service, which restrict what can and cannot be posted ;)

      Anyway, thanks for writing. It’s too bad about the fact that so many people have to assign terrible psychological motives to porn-watching. It’s not enough that people are just naturally excited by sex; people have to manufacture some sort of “dysfunction” to explain it, eh?

      It reminds me of all the people who are blaming the media for “teens being sexualized”. Yes, of course, it must be the media! It can’t possibly be simple biology and the irrefutable fact that puberty signals the natural development of sexual ability and inclination, right?

      • Afsoun Hersek says:

        I descended on your site through the stardestroyer.net where an engineer myself found your professional approach very satisfying(though I like star wars as good old space opera compared to trek considerable as science-fiction),whereas the content on this site seemed equally if not more interesting!

        I wanted to ask I there is another medium where you are not restricted about sexuality, where we can maybe read or see more of you guys. Well actually I would love to see more of you guys explicit!

        Wishing you more fulfilling travels and writing, best wishes..

  5. Bud Herzog says:


    I came to your site to find help archiving blu-rays that I already have bought and paid for from a legimate store, and I found myself surfing around and ended up on your pics and blogs.

    I can see that you and your wife truly DO enjoy porn, and how it has helped you keep your marriage intimate and amorous. GOOD FOR YOU, MAN! You found the motherlode of marriage programs.

    Your pics are a great chronicle of your life. Your kids enjoy video games, get to go to Vegas, life is good for you. Thanks for sharing.



  6. John H says:


    I was just wondering if you’re ever going to upload more pictures?! It’s a crime against humanity to keep that lovely wife of yours completely to yourself. If you’re putting them somewhere else, please share!

  7. Peter Ryan says:


    Just curious why Rebeccas toys site is no longer being updated?


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