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Another stunning example of Trektard creativity.

Midnight68 is a basement-dwelling trektard obsessed with the Mirror Universe. Universally hated across the length and breadth of the intertubes, he has no less than three ED articles describing him as a bloated, parasitic neckbeard lacking any redeeming qualities whatsoever. Considering himself a shit-hot fanartist, he has been repeatedly banhammered for posting crapfail illustrations that even DeviantART would reject.

Generally lasting no more than three days on any given site, he was recently excommunicated from Memory Gamma for the ultimate heresy of incorporating Doctor Who into the Enterprise fanverse. His current project involves creating a Star Trek alternative reality, casting himself in the role of god to satisfy his unwarranted self-importance. Lacking anything even remotely approximating a human life, Midnight spends roughly eighteen hours a day on his crappy mirrorverse timeline. Fortunately, such activities tend to keep him off the streets, a fact for which many biological females are eternally grateful.

Midnight's other interests include ban evasion, sockpuppetry, and writing shit nobody cares about. When not engaged in growing chin fungus, he also dabbles with poor quality flash animation, producing results that most 12 year-olds could pwn on their worst days. His reaction to honest criticism is the source of great amusement on the wikisphere.

His primary ambition is to become as popular as Wil Wheaton, which most observers agree would be a step up from his current situation.

Banned from

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