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Believed to be the fusion of the words 'Trekkie' and 'Retard', the word 'Trektard' has in the versus community become synonymous with any Star Trek fan that enters the vs debate on the side of Star Trek and believes that the Federation could defeat the Empire in any conflict.

Such individuals usually come out with arguments long-refuted, including but not limited to:

  • "lasers cannot penetrate the navigational deflector of a Federation Starship"
  • "point five past lightspeed = 1.5c"
  • "wide beam phasers can take out dozens of Jedi/Stormtroopers"
  • "the EU is not canon"

They also demonstrate a complete lack of debating skills; their arguments are crushed by seasoned debaters with relative ease. Many are relatively new to the vs debate and are unfamiliar with analyses of visual footage demonstrating SW superiority. They can also be informally regarded as "chew toys", their arguments treated as "cannon fodder" by more experienced debaters.

Such individuals may genuinely be unintelligent or simply misguided, and they may not survive their first forays into the debate, depending where they started out. If they are the latter then they may re-evaluate their position based on the available evidence and conclude that the Federation has no hope against the Empire. If they are the former then they tend to continue to insist the Federation can win and continually ignore the evidence repeatedly presented to them and are inevitably laughed at by the rest of the vs community.

The origins of the word are unknown, but the earliest known instance is Mar 5 2001, from Rob Dalton:

"And it seems to me that you're hooked on this whole "evil warsie conspiracy" disease that's rampant among you and your trektard friends."

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