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A Stormtrooper

Stormtroopers are the Imperial soldiers seen in the Star Wars movies. Descended from the Clone Wars-era Clonetroopers, they are clad in a protective cocoon of white armor.

Standard Equipment

Squad level equipment

Clones or Recruits

Ever since Star Wars was released in 1977, there has been much debate over whether Stormtroopers are all clones or are just normal humans recruited/conscripted by the Empire. However, according to the majority of sources, the Stormtrooper Corps is comprised of both clones and conscripts.

Stormtrooper Variants


Sandtroopers are only briefly seen on Tatooine. Little is known about differences in equipment and training between these and more regular Stormtroopers. It can be assumed that they specialize in desert combat and survival.

Snowtroopers and their dread lord


Snowtroopers were seen on Hoth. They wore insulated armor to protect them against the bitter cold.


These stormtroopers, as their name implies, operate in high-radiation environments with superior protection against all forms of dangerous radiation. Visually, a silver coating and slightly fuller coverage distinguish this type of armor.


Not depicted in any of the movies. Although normal Stormtrooper armor does seal fully enough to provide at least temporary survivability in full vacuum, Spacetrooper armor has additional systems to make operating in a free-fall environment less tiring and complex. Spacetrooper armor also allowed for heavier weapons to be deployed as standard. Spacetroopers also receive additional training to use this equipment and operate in these environments for extended periods.

A Scout trooper

Scout Trooper

Scout trooper armor is decidedly less massive than normal Stormtrooper armor. Although it provides less protection, it can be presumed to require less maintenance and be more comfortable in the field for long deployments. Their helmet has more extensive visual enhancements, although at least some recruits had trouble coping with this design.They have been seen on Endor and Hoth.

Sea Trooper

Sea Troopers are equipped with what appears to be a large rebreather/pressurized gas tank. Their armor is based that of a Scout Trooper.

Storm Commando

The Imperial Storm Commando first appears in Star Wars: Rebel Strike. The Storm Commando's are a special group of stormtroopers tasked with collecting new technologies for the Empire. They travel in Imperial Escort Carriers.

Dark Trooper

The most powerful variant of stormtrooper, there are three types of Dark Trooper (the first two really being prototypes for the 3rd), all of which had much stronger armor then that of a standard stormtrooper.

  • Phase I is armed with a riot shield and a vibrosword. This variant's weapons make it look more like it was designed for riot control as opposed to warfare.
  • Phase II featured even stronger armor that functioned like power armor, giving added physical strength, and wielded a large gun specifically designed that functioned as an automatic weapon with added ability to fire rockets. As a drawback, the type II armor made the wearer much larger then a normal stormtrooper and therefore not suited for more enclosed environments.
  • Phase III was the most powerful variant, and it was intended to serve as the next generation armor for the Imperial Army. It possessed even stronger armor than the type II, greater physical strength, and a pair of shoulder mounted rocket launchers that could be armed with variety of ordnance in addition to possessing the same deadly gun as the Phase II. Like the type II, however, it's oversized, standing nearly 3 meters tall (over 8 feet), so its sheer size would mean it wouldn't be able to replace the standard armor.

The Empire was never able to put Dark Troopers into mass production, as the head of the Dark Trooper project, General Rom Mohc, and the ship Arc Hammer the served as the initial production facility, were both destroyed by the rebel hero Kyle Katarn. As result, very few Dark Troopers were deployed.

There is some conflict amongst the source materials as to the true nature of the Dark Troopers. Some describe them as wielders of the Dark Side of the Force (hence the name), while some have described them as droids. According to The Force Unleashed, the original Dark Trooper (phase zero) project was an attempt to salvage crippled or aged clone troopers through cybernetic means, which later shifted to the use of full droids owing to the high incidence of suicide among the phase zero units.