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Trooper Captain Rex

Clone troopers were the standard soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars and the predecessors of the feared Imperial Stormtroopers. Clone troopers were an army produced by Kamino from the genetic stock of Jango Fett. Their armament included DC-15 blaster rifles and carbines as well as thermal detonators.


According to canon statements, approximately three million "units" of clonetroopers were produced during the Clone Wars, as production was slowed by the fact that it took ten years to raise a clone soldier to maturity. There is some dispute over what constitutes a "unit", as three million troopers would be an incredibly small number even to invade or defend a planet populated similarly to Earth, to say nothing of a galaxy-spanning government like the Galactic Republic. Naturally, this issue is very controversial in fandom.

Clone Trooper Armor

Clone Trooper armor is the basis for Imperial Stormtrooper armor. Clone trooper armor is known to be able to resist or mitigate the effects of blaster hits, although the blaster setting presumably affects its performance. It is also known to be sufficiently sealed and have enough internal air to allow the wearer to survive in vacuum for at least several minutes.