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A fanwhore (also known as Fanboy/girl) is a hardcore fan of something who believes that what s/he is a fan of is the best thing since bread, sliced or otherwise.

Fanwhores in Verses Debates

In versus debates involving their fetish (be it Star Trek versus Star Wars, mecha versus Tanks, or some other contest), fanwhores -- who tend to see any argument along such lines as an attack on their fetish -- inevitably favor their forces regardless of hard facts such as calculations of weapons yields, speeds, power supplies, etc. They also tend to lash out when people criticize their fetish. Fanwhores also tend to bring up their fetish at innapropriate times, especially in more extreme cases where the term "Fetish" is more appropriate than it usually is.

Common Debate Fanwhores

While most things have their fanwhores, some tend to attract a greater number of Fanwhores that are more actively involved in debates.