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The Great War (also known as World War I, the First World War and The War to End All Wars) was a conflict fought from July 28th, 1914, to November 11, 1918, between the Triple Alliance (the German, Austro/Hungarian, and Ottoman Empires) and the Entante Powers (Britain, France, the Russian Empire until 1917, and the United States from 1917).

The war was notable for being the beginning of modern warfare. It saw the first use of combat aircraft and tanks as well as gas-based chemical weaponry. It was also the first war in which advanced modern weapons such as machine guns and artillery were used on a large scale, forcing military strategists to adopt completely new tactics such as squad based warfare. The war featured one of the only major battles between Post Dreadnought Battleships, The Battle of Jutland, fought between the German High Seas Fleet and the British Royal Navy. Some Ten Million people were killed during the Great War. It also changed the political scenario in Europe, seeing the end of the German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires and the birth of the Soviet Union as well as generating the political environment in Germany which made possible the rise of the Third Reich.

The war was ended when the Germans were forced to sign The Treaty of Versailles. The harsh treatment of Germany by the provisions of this treaty is what many historians consider to be the seeds that led the rise of Nazi Germany and to World War II in 1939. Part of the provisions of the Versailles Treaty included the creation of The League of Nations the precursor to what would later become the United Nations. Shortly afterward, was signed the Washington Arms Treaty limiting the tonnage and number of Battleships that could be operated by the various world powers.