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Midnight68: I don't have any particular objection to anything you're doing, so feel free to continue. I appreciate you using your own user and talk pages to keep the content separate from the main wiki material. I believe you can create a subdirectory using your username if you want to have multiple pages. The moderator of the fan-fiction forum on the BBS has also said that you're welcome to post there, assuming you have actual story content and not just setting details. --Ted C 14:40, 4 January 2011 (UTC)


Note: This BLACK PAGE article has been modified to demonstrate what a PRETENTIOUS DORK the author is. Please add more UNNECESSARY PIPING and OVER-RENDERED PHOTOSHOOPS to reinforce the statement.


The temporal disruptions of the year 2233 have altered the destiny of the Mirror Universe. Amongst other changes to the original timeline, the Terran Empire has survived into the 23nd Century, where its military resources have been stretched to the limit.
In addition to the constant insurrections of its subject populations, The Empire also faces the threat of expansionist powers such as the Romulan-Cardassian Alliance and the Klingon High Council.
Worse still, a previously unknown species from the Delta Quadrant has made lethal incursions into the outer boundaries of the Empire, literally annihilating everything in its path.
Under pressure from all sides, The Empire has called an uneasy truce with its long-standing enemies, negotiating for a military accord against the invaders.
As the shadow of utter destruction looms across the entire Alpha Quadrant, The Empire must somehow unite all of its foes under a single banner. But can centuries of hatred and warfare be so easily put aside - even in the face of total devastation?

Altered Timeline

The course of Terran History was effectively rewritten when a mysterious warship appeared in Romulan space in 2258. Commanded by the crazed warlord Nero, the vessel possessed weaponry far in advance of anything then existing in the Alpha Quadrant, including a red matter device capable of obliterating entire solar systems at a stroke. According to surviving records, Nero was intent on "pacifying" both the Terran Empire and the Klingon High Command, thereby ensuring the future of the Romulan Star Empire. Demonstrating the near omnipotent power of his warship, Nero amassed a large fleet at the edge of the Neutral Zone, decimating all resistance he encountered.
Despite appalling losses, the Terran Empire managed to hold out until a strategic strike force led by Christopher Pike of the ISS Enterprise sabotaged the Narada, finally ending the Battle of Vulcan. With their flagship destroyed, the Romulan force withdrew back to the Neutral Zone, while both Earth and Qo'noS proceeded to rebuild their defenses. The Terrans quickly reclaimed their territories and launched a massive expansionist campaign with eventually brought most of the quadrant under Imperial rule.
This campaign was spearheaded by Fleet Admiral Christopher Pike and his former executive officers, Captain James T.Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Spock. All three were promoted due to their actions in the Battle of Vulcan, making Kirk one of the youngest starship captains in Starfleet History.
Consequently, many events in the original timeline never occurred. Kirk had no need to assassinate his commanding officer, and the "cross over" event of 2267 never took place. Spock never promoted pacifist reforms within the Empire, and the Terrans were never conquered by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.
From that point on, the Mirror Universe paralleled that of its Prime counterpart much more closely. By 2375, the Terran Empire was the dominant power in the Alpha Quadrant, having called an uneasy ceasefire with its former enemies.

Differences from the Prime Continuity

  • The Narada was a warship rather than a mining vessel. Historical sources do not record precisely when it appeared, though it was sighted in Imperial space as early as 2233.
  • The ISS Kelvin managed to escape its encounter with the Nerada with minimum casualities; subsequently, James T. Kirk grew up with a father he admired and respected (and envied, to some degree).
  • Nero was a military leader bent on conquest, and enlisted the Romulan fleet in his campaign. Historical records suggest that the Senate had little choice but to submit to his demands.
  • The Romulans betrayed long-standing treaties with the Klingons in their bid for absolute power. This was probably due to Nero having spent over a decade captive on Rura Penthe.
  • The Nerada's first act of war was to implode an unstable star in the Hobus system. This was intended as a demonstration of power, although it also served to eliminate the threat of a possible supernova.
  • After more than half the Imperial Fleet was wiped out by the Nerada in 2258, Captain Christopher Pike took command of the remaining Terran forces. Although technically in violation of Starfleet protocols, this field promotion was later confirmed by the Emperor himself.
  • Pike's strike force was aided by a Vulcan ambassador known as The Elder Spock, who supplied strategic information regarding the Nerada's technology. Although his earlier records are unavailable, he is believed to have been a relative of The Younger Spock, hailing from the House of T'Pau.
  • The Battle of Vulcan ended with the destruction of the Nerada and most of the Romulan fleet. The Planet Vulcan itself survived intact, although close to six million civilians perished in the conflict.
  • The Younger Spock managed to save both his parents, leading to a reconciliation between Sarek and his son. Sarek and The Elder Spock were later appointed to the Imperial Council, becoming two of The Caesar's most trusted advisers.
  • The source of the Narada's technology has been the subject of much speculation over the years. Some conspiracy theorists claim that both Nero and his warship came from the future, though few historians take the idea seriously - time travel being considered impossible by the Vulcan Science Academy.

Prime Universe

Dalek history

The precise origins of the Daleks are unclear, due to there being at least two different versions of the species' early history. In their initial appearance (1963), the Daleks were descended from a technological society called the Dals. A nuclear conflict with the warlike Thals had mutated both races, resulting in the development of two distinct species, one amorphous and the other humanoid. A subtle reference by the Doctor also suggested that some of Skaro's indigenous lifeforms evolved metallic exoskeletons, implying that the Daleks may have developed from such creatures.
The history was elaborated in Genesis of the Daleks (1975), when it was revealed that the Daleks were (more or less) created by the Kaled scientist Davros. According to this account, Davros accelerated a pre-existing mutation to its ultimate phenotype, placing the genetically modified beings into transport vehicles of his own design. Purged of all emotion apart from self-preservation and xenophobic hatred, the Daleks viewed all other sentient life as both inferior and a threat to their existence.
Inconsistencies between the two histories may be explained by the subsequent canonical appearance of several factions (or sub-species), suggesting that the Daleks may have had more than one "genesis". The creatures encountered by the First Doctor were biologically different to later variants, having claw-like appendages and requiring high radiation levels to survive in their native environment. Others were shown to be small, vicious shapeless monstrocities, while still others were depicted as deformed octopide (comparable to the face-hugger xenomorph).