Star Trek: Nemesis

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Star Trek: Nemesis
Nemesis poster.jpg

Rick Berman


Stuart Baird


Paramount Pictures

Release Date:

December 13, 2002



Star Trek: Nemesis is the tenth full length feature film in the Star Trek franchise and fourth set in the TNG era. It is widely considered the worst Star Trek film, even sinking beneath Star Trek V: The Final Frontier for sheer awfulness and stupidity. It had about 45 minutes of cut footage that would've made this movie better by simply keeping it.


Mike Wong summarizes this turd far better than I ever could.

"Hey Data, do you remember your evil twin Lore? No? Me neither. Let's transfer your knowledge, much of which is sensitive military information, directly into the brain of this mystery Soong-type android we just found. Yeah, good idea. And we'll give him a corny stupid name, like B-4."

Some consider this to have best ship battle scene in Star Trek.

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