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Morlocs on Deck 12!
Remans are a species of sapients that inhabit the night side of the tidally locked planet of Remus in the Romulan Star Empire. It is not known if they are an offshoot of the Vulcans like the Romulans or are indigenous to Remus. The Romulans used them as miners and cannon fodder. They first appeared in Star Trek: Nemesis and later made an appearance in Enterprise.


Remans are notable for being sensitive to light. At least some Remans have telepathic abilities.

Threat Assessment

The Remans were an insignificant faction in Alpha Quadrant politics until the 2370s, when they acquired the technology to develop a thalaron weapon that allowed them to overthrow the government of the Romulan Empire. With that coup, they became a threat comparable to the other Alpha Quadrant powers. Since their defeat in Star Trek: Nemesis (including the death of their leader, Shinzon), they may have become an insignificant threat again.