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The Argo is a Federation shuttle and dunebuggy-type vehicle


Worf: Are we there yet?

The buggy is quite maneuverable and can function offroad on multiple types of terrain. It has a passenger capacity of three people; the driver, "shotgun" and a tail-gunner. However, it clearly was not designed as a combat vehicle. Its only armarment consists of a rear-firing phaser emplacement. Rear-firing phaser emplacements maybe design for UFP artillery. After all the blast that can make Vehicle going fly a few feet could easily kill longer number soldiers. Any forward firing must be done by the passenger with a hand gun. It offers no protection at all to its occupants, not even a windshield, thus the occupants need to wear goggles to be able to see where they are going.It also has minimal cargo capacity.

The shuttle can be remote-piloted from the buggy.


Them Dukes, them Dukes!!!

The Argo only appeared in Star Trek: Nemesis. The Enterprise-E detected a singal from a Soong-type android but was unable to beam the pieces up to the ship due to an approaching ion storm. Picard (acting very out of character completely ignoring the Prime Directive), Data and Worf flew the Argo shuttle down to the surface and collected the pieces with the buggy.

The inhabitants of the planet apparently don't take kindly to strangers and attack. Picard escapes by jumping the buggy off a cliff and into the waiting, hovering shuttle.