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"Prune juice is a warrior's drink."




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Worf is the first Klingon in Starfleet. He was raised by adoptive human parents -- the Rozhenko family -- after his Klingon father, Mogh, was killed in a Romulan attack on the Klingon colony at Khitomer.

Military history

Worf was assigned to the Enterprise-D as a Lieutenant Junior Grade. Upon the death of Natasha Yar, he was given her former position of chief of security. He eventually transferred to Deep Space Nine and has advanced to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Worf feels exceptional loyalty to his "Klingon heritage" and has diverted a fair portion of his time in Starfleet to dealing with problems facing the Empire, including the threat of the Duras family and Gowron's inept leadership during the Dominion war.

Personal life

This is a good day to die!

Worf fathered a son, Alexander Rozhenko, with K'Ehleyr, the half-human/half-Klingon ambassador to the Klingon Empire. Alexander came into Worf's life when K'Ehleyr died. Relations between Worf and Alexander have been strained, and Alexander has been bumped around between staying with Worf and the Rozhenkos.

Late in TNG, Worf began a short-lived romantic interest with Deanna Troi. While on DS9, he married Jadzia Dax, a relationship that ended with Jadzia's death. He tried to maintain the relationship with the Dax symbiont's subsequent host Ezri, but it soon ended.

Worf feels a strong need to "be true to his Klingon heritage" and engages in their masochistic rituals on a regular basis. He does not take kindly to insults, and his favorite human food is prune juice.

Punching bag

While Worf was regularly described as some sort of combat expert, he was often trounced by alien opponents in TNG. Everyone from Lore[1] to a mind-controlled octagenarian[2] to a pack of Ferengi pirates[3] to even a possessed Deanna Troi[4] could get the better of him, causing him to have no credibility in his "bad-ass" role. This is less pronounced on Deep Space Nine.

Sage Advice

Worf often had keen insight into events occurring on the Enterprise. Unfortunately, his observations were rarely taken seriously.

  • "There is no honor in attacking the weak."
  • "Trust is earned, not given away."
  • WORF: Despite their reputations, this Zakdorn does not appear to be a very formidable warrior.
DATA: In the game of military brinkmanship, individual physical prowess is less important than the perception of a species as a whole. For over nine millennia potential foes have regarded the Zakdorns as having the greatest innately strategic minds in the galaxy.
WORF: And no one is willing to test that perception in combat.
DATA: Exactly.
WORF: Then the reputation means nothing.



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