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Kathryn Janeway

"How can I torment my crew today?"




United Federation of Planets








Kathryn Janeway is captain of the USS Voyager. From the evidence, she appears to love making her crew suffer.

  • She got them stranded in the delta quadrant by destroying the Caretaker array. Apparently she has never heard of setting a timer on a bomb.[1]
  • She let Neelix on board and appointed him "morale officer" (or, possibly worse, allowed him to appoint himself), in spite of him knowing virtually nothing about humans or any other race on the ship.[2]
  • She allowed Neelix to appoint himself ship's cook when he obviously has no clue what he is doing. As part of this, she did not notice him tearing out a half-dozen replicators in her officer's mess hall until after he was already finished doing it. His cooking is so bad, she apparently allows his mess hall to exist just to torment her crew.
  • Upon initial contact with the Vidiians, she allowed the organ harvesters to go free without any punishment what-so-ever, thus ensuring that other Vidiians would regard her ship was easy prey.[3]
  • She forced the separation of the combined entity Tuvix, created when a transporter accident fused Neelix and Tuvok, basically callously executing the being that the two had become. She did this herself when the Doctor refused to perform the procedure against the will of Tuvix.
  • She formed an alliance with the Borg, even though everyone on the ship (even Neelix) told her it was a terrible idea. She didn't even bother to find out who started the conflict between the Borg and S8472.[4] Unsurprisingly, the Borg betrayed the alliance the moment the threat of S8472 passed.
  • She appointed Neelix as her ship's Ambassador and kept him in the role no matter how many times he proved inept at any social skills required for the job.

She is proof that Q is either retarded or blind as he wanted her to be the mother of his new Q child.[5]

She also has regularly ignored the Prime Directive, interfering with many civilizations along their journey home. About the only time she does obey the directive is if the civilization in question is about to be completely obliterated. In that case, she mindlessly adheres to it.[6]

Sometime after returning to Earth, Starfleet promoted her to admiral, demonstrating promotion in Starfleet is based on incompetence rather than ability.[7]

Mary Sue Justification

...Janeway made it clear the only reason they were staying behind was because she didn't want to risk the Ocampa. All other reasons stumble in front of this point: it means that faced with a crew desperate to get home and a woman liable to literally attack her for this decision, she chose the weakest possible argument to give them that said 'We could, but we won't' instead of 'It just won't work.' This is because Jeri Taylor was involved, and Janeway had to do it for reasons of pure nobility rather than because it made sense.
--Chuck Sonnenburg, discussing VOY "The Caretaker"
This episode is once again about Janeway the Mary Sue. First we have this Harlequin thing going on down on the planet as she strives to find a cure while tempted by the chiseled native. Up on the ship, it's all about how much everyone misses them, even after months. I don't remember everyone being this upset for this long when Paris left. I don't remember anyone being this choked up over the many people who've died out here for this long. Just like in Alliances when Torres suddenly snaps at anyone who questions the captain while she herself had done so just the episode before, Jeri Taylor presumes an importance about Janeway that just doesn't fit with what we've actually seen. Remember that this is a person who just last week killed a member of the crew! Also, recall "The Best Of Both Worlds", in which Picard was taken from them, and Riker gives the order to destroy the (Borg) ship anyway - except for the guest star, none of the crew tries anything to stand in Riker's way, and this from a crew that knew Picard for far longer. This story is just way too transparent in its "Everybody Loves Janeway" plot.
--Chuck Sonnenburg, VOY "Resolutions" review


In the novel Before Dishonor, Janeway and the crew of the Nebula-class Einstein are assimilated by the Borg in mid-2380. She and the crew of the supercube are killed when it falls into the sun.

Chuck's Parody

As he went about reviewing the series, Chuck has created an increasingly hilarious parody of the Janeway we see on the show. His parody is a psychopathic mad scientist obsessed with creating genetic abominations.