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Jeri Taylor wrote several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager, in addition to being the head writer on the final season of TNG and Seasons 1-4 of Voyager, and co-creating the latter series. She also wrote two Voyager novels, Mosaic and Pathways, which were considered canon for a while, though later contradicted by the actual series. Her scripts can be identified by their idolizing of Captain Janeway, her Mary Sue in Voyager.

Though undoubtedly a talented writer overall who wrote some highly acclaimed episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, such as "The Drumhead" and "Chain of Command", she was perhaps a poor choice for a Star Trek writer and producer, as she by her own admission had no real interest in writing science fiction, even seeming borderline disdainful toward Star Trek and its fans (who she frequently complained didn't like her attempts to write stories without any sci-fi elements) at times. Notably, the two aforementioned stories could be changed to take place in a modern-day military setting with only minimal alterations. Despite this, most fans would admit that there were many far worse writers who worked on the series over the years.