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Jaffa are a genetically engineered offshoot of Humanity created by the Goa'uld to serve as warriors, vehicle crews, and incubators for their young, which they store in a pouch in their lower torso. The Goa'uld symbiotes that they carry extend their lifespans into the centuries. After puberty, Jaffa require a goa'uld Sybiote to survive, as they lack immune systems. Until recently, the overwhelming majority of the Jaffa worshiped the Goa'uld as gods, a scenario that only changed due to the efforts of Teal'c and his Master, Bra'tac.

Jaffa Infantry

Jaffa Infantry were the backbone of the fighting forces of the Goa'uld system lords and the Free Jaffa Nation afterwards. Jaffa Infantry were armed with Staff weapons, Zat'nikatel and stun grenades while being clad in metallic armor which offered fairly good resistance to fire from Tau'ri projectile weapons, but was fairly cumbersome and its metalic grey colorization makes for poor camoflauge.

The Jaffa under the Goa'uld

The highest-rank a Jaffa could achieve in the service of a System Lord is first prime. Outside that, no specific rank has been given to Jaffa, although it is reasonably safe to assume that Prime is a rank.

In addition to infantry, some Jaffa served as starship crews. Most likely these figures would have more knowledge of goa'uld technology than infantry, if they were used for maintenance.

The Jaffa Rebellion

The Rebel Jaffa space forces in orbit of Dakara in 2005.

After his defection from service under the Goa'uld Apophis, Teal'c and Stargate Command dedicated themselves to instigate a General Revolution of the Jaffa against the Goa'uld. By the time of the Battle of Dakara, the Jaffa rebellion had 5 Ha'tak-class motherships, 8 Al'kesh, and ten squadrons of death gliders.

Free Jaffa Nation

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Jaffa of Note