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The ImperialWiki style guide exists to help editors give ImperialWiki articles a consistent look and tone.


  • The introductory paragraph for an article should repeat the title of the article in bold text.
  • Where applicable, the introduction to an article should include an image of the topic. The standard format is a thumbnail image on the right border of the page. Wiki code for the image would be similar to the following:
[[Image:filename.jpg|thumb|right|Image description]]


  • Break articles into sections using Level 2 Wiki headings.
==Heading Text==


  • When mentioning a term that has an article of its own in the Wiki, create a Wiki link the first time the term appears in the article.
link an [[Article title]] where it first appears
  • If your link term doesn't exactly match the article title, you can use a bar to separate the article name from the link text.
link an [[Article title|link text]] where it first appears
  • If your link term is plural, but the article title is not, you can usually just add an "s" outside the link brackets instead of creating a redirect or using a bar in the link.
link [[Article title]]s where they first appear


  • The reference feature is enabled on Imperial Wiki. Create notes in the text using the following code format:
<ref>Source reference</ref>
  • Create a notes heading at the bottom of the article for the footnotes using the following code:
<references />

Standard Formats

  • Some subjects, such as classes of starship and political factions, have more-or-less standardized formats for their pages. Before creating a new article, look for similar articles in the Wiki to determine whether articles of that type have a consistent format that you should duplicate.


  • When creating a new article, try to determine if it fits into any of the existing ImperialWiki categories. If it does, categorize it appropriately using a Category link at the end of the article.
[[Category: Name]]


  • The name of a class of starships should be italicized (e.g. Excelsior-class starships).
  • Capitalize the first word of an article title. Other words in the title should not be capitalized unless they are part of a proper name.