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Before you make additions or changes to the Imperial Wiki, please familiarise yourself with the following policies and standards. If you have any suggestions, leave them on the talk page here and they'll get added if appropriate. Be warned that users who consistently ignore these policies and standards are likely to get banned at very short notice.

Intellectual Property Notice

This project, including all user contributions, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Please familiarize yourself with the terms of this license so that you understand them before you contribute your work to the project.




It is totally unacceptable to cut and paste content from other websites. If you can't state ideas in your own words, leave a link to your source in the talk page and someone will look over it later.

Note: ImperialWiki is not intented to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of all things Star Trek, all things Star Wars, or any other franchise. ImperialWiki is meant to be a resource for cross-over debators and fan fiction writers. Please do not duplicate the work of other wikis here.


Be sure to cite your sources: either list the print source and any relevant information such as page number, or a link to the website (see help for instructions).

Admissible Evidence

Only canon or admissible evidence belongs in the body of an article. Fanon and other non-canon facts must be separated into a clearly named section of the article. Conflicts between higher- or lower-level admissible evidence should be brought up on the talk page in question.

Formatting and Quality

Please don't overuse headings. Every paragraph does not need a heading.


It is almost always better to use the thumbnail functionality instead of inlining a full-size image. Every example of something does not need an inlined image. Link to image collections through references.


Articles of low quality may be removed. Indicators of low quality include poor English, cut-and-pasted content and inappropriate tone. Please take care to write original articles of reasonable quality in an academic tone.


  • The titles of movies, books, magazines, and television series should be italicized.
  • The titles of magazine articles and specific TV episodes should be "quoted".