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The Intrepid-class USS Voyager

The Intrepid-class is a type of starship built by the United Federation of Planets in the 24th century in Star Trek.

Technical Data

The Intrepid-class was designed to serve primarily as a long-range explorer.


  • Length: 345 meters[1]
  • Decks: 15 [2]
  • Top Speed: Warp 9.975[3]
  • Crew: approximately 200 normally, minimum 100[4]
  • Mass: 700,000 tons
  • Armament: 15 phaser arrays[5], 4 photon torpedo tubes and approximately 50-60 torpedos.
  • Defenses: Shields

The computer network of the Intrepid-class uses bioneural gel-packs --a new technology for the Federation -- to help organize information, supposedly improving response time[6]. The benefits of this technology have never been evident on screen.

Intrepid-class ships are capable of entering a planetary atmosphere and landing on the surface.

Unit Run


The USS Bellerophon in orbit of Romulus.

The most notable Intrepid-class starship is the USS Voyager, which -- while attempting to capture a Maquis ship -- was dragged into the Delta Quadrant by a powerful alien. Surprisingly, the Voyager managed to complete it's 70,000 light-year journey back to Federation territory in just seven years, a feat that required the help of more powerful aliens and the exploitation of Borg transwarp technology.

The USS Bellerophon was Admiral William Ross' flagship in the 2370s.

The USS Intrepid was part of Battle Group Omega in 2379.