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Transwarp drive is an advanced form of propulsion used by some Star Trek civilizations. It enables ships to travel much faster than conventional warp drives.


Transwarp drive systems can achieve speeds in excess of warp 10, which is a speed barrier for most Star Trek civilizations. Warp 10 has occasionally been described as an "infinite" speed[1] at which the vessel passes through every point in the universe at once or starts moving backward through time, but Federation starships have in fact exceeded warp 10 on multiple occasions using futuristic[2] or alien technology[3].


Transwarp drives can be self-contained systems that propel a ship to high-warp speed, or they can be "transwarp conduit" systems through which ships can travel at extraordinary speeds between fixed entry/exit points.


  • The Borg are known to use both transwarp drives and transwarp conduit systems.
  • The Voth are known to use transwarp drives.
  • The Federation has been experimenting with transwarp drive since the late 23rd century, but hasn't been able to make it work.


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