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The Interstellar Alliance is a strategic alliance among many races in the Babylon 5 setting. Known members include the Minbari Federation, Earth Alliance, Narn Regime, and most of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. The Centauri Republic was a founding member, but it left the Alliance for many years due to political issues and alien manipulation.


Initially governed from the Babylon 5 space station, the Alliance seat moved to Minbar after about a year. The Alliance has a President who is nominated and elected by the governments of the participating races.

Threat Assessment

The Alliance receives unspecified resources from member governments and can call upon them for military assistance when needed. In addition, the Alliance has its own fleet of warships, including the White Star fleet and a series of Victory-class destroyers under construction, that is operated by the Rangers. Due to the support of the Minbari, the Alliance has access to some of the most advanced technology in the B5 universe.

The Alliance is small by the standards of Star Wars, but it would probably qualify as a major power in Star Trek.