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Ambassador G'Kar, a male Narn
Na'Toth, a female Narn

The Narn Regime is a nation state in Babylon 5 governed from the planet Narn.


Narns are humanoid sapients of reptilian ancestry. They have spotted skin with no body hair. They tend to be considerably stronger and tougher than humans of similar size, but less agile. Narn males are known to have pouches in which they carry newborns for a period of time after the female gives birth.

Unlike many species in the Babylon 5 universe, the Narns do not have any telepaths among their population; the gene once existed, but telepathic Narns were exterminated by the Shadows in the Shadow War fought during Earth's 13th century.


The Narn Regime is ruled from the planet Narn by a governing body called the Kha’Ri. There is little information regarding how individuals become members of the Kha’Ri, how long they remain members, or even how many members the body actually has. Ambassador G'Kar is known to have been a member of the Kha’Ri before the Centauri took control of the planet in 2259, at which time the Kha’Ri was dissolved (at least temporarily).


The extent of Narn territory was never clearly defined in the series. They were known to have a military base in Quadrant 37 and a colony in Quadrant 14, but both were destroyed by the Shadows. They lost at least three other planets to the Centauri before the final Centauri attack on Narn in “The Long, Twilight Struggle”.

Since Narn was considered a major power along with the Earth Alliance and Centauri Republic, it is likely that they had control of around a dozen worlds before their war with the Centauri.


The Narn homeworld was formerly a colony of the Centauri Republic that was annexed while the Narn were in a pre-industrial state. During the occupation, the Centauri strip-mined the planet, ravaging its ecology. Narn achieved independence relatively recently, although well before the Earth-Minbari War. With captured Centauri technology, they were able to establish themselves as a major power among the Young Races.

Threat Assessment

The Narn Regime is a military power comparable to the Earth Alliance and Centauri Republic in Babylon 5. They are substantially more powerful than any single member of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and substantially less powerful than the Minbari Federation. These comparisons indicate that at the height of their power they controlled around a dozen worlds and had a fleet of no more than a few hundred warships. They would be an insignificant power by Star Wars standards and a relatively minor power by Star Trek standards.

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