League of Non-Aligned Worlds

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The League of Non-Aligned Worlds is a loose organization of minor powers in the Babylon 5 universe.

League members vary considerably in technological development, military power, and economic power, but none of them can match one of the five major powers of Babylon 5 (the Earth Alliance, Narn Regime, Centauri Republic, Minbari Federation, or Vorlon Empire). Even their combined efforts are equal to only one of the weaker of the major powers; presumably each controls only one or two significant planets, whereas the major powers control at least a dozen. This status extends to motions in the B5 council. Wheras the major races each control a vote in their own right, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds only has one vote in council, despite being made of many different races.

Since the Centauri were once a conquering empire that controlled a much larger number of worlds than they do at the time of the series, it's likely that many of the "non-aligned" worlds were once -- like Narn -- subjects of the Centauri Republic.

Known Members


The Abbai are humanoids who show some physical traits that suggest they may be aquatic or amphibious, although the appearance may be misleading. They played little role in the Shadow War or any of the other conflicts in the series, although they did have a representative on Babylon 5.


The Brakhiri are one of the more prominent members of the League. They have a substantial fleet of capital warships that helped defend Babylon 5 after the station seceded from EarthGov and also participated in Sheridan's alliance during the Shadow War.


The Drazi are a reptillian species who are a major military power among the League worlds. They maintain fleets of warships armed with beam weapons, pulse weapons, and missiles. The Drazi participated in the Shadow War and the war between the Centauri Republic and the Interstellar Alliance. During the latter conflict, the Drazi proved to be formidable adversaries for their more advanced opponents, compensating for their technological disadvantage with outstanding training and ferocity. Toward the end of that conflict, the Drazi allied with the Narns for a joint attack on Centauri Prime.

The Drazi have an unusual system of government: every 5 years, the population is divided into two factions by randomly drawing colored sashes (green or purple). The factions then engage in various contests of nominally non-lethal combat until one emerges victorious. The winners rule Drazi society for the next five years.


The Gaim are members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. They participated in the Shadow War, but we know nothing about their ships. We do know, however, that they contributed a supply of 500-megaton fusion bombs to the war effort.


The Iph'sha are League members, but their only appearance during the series was a single ship sent to threaten Babylon 5 when the station was harboring a war criminal from the Dilgar War.


The Markab were a minor race dominated by a single, global religion. They were members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds until they became extinct in 2259, when a virulent plague spread rapidly through their population.


The pak’ma’ra are a humanoid race that evolved from scavengers, and they remain “carrion eaters”, resulting in a fair amount of discrimination against them. The pak’ma’ra are members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, but they are a relatively minor power even in the League, having shown no military strength.


The Vree are a race of hairless, large-eyed humanoids that maintain fleets of saucer-shaped warships. They helped defend Babylon 5 when the station seceded from EarthGov and participated in various wars and conflicts during the series, and their ships were highly visible in Sheridan’s alliance during the Shadow War.