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Narn Heavy Cruiser

The Narn heavy cruiser is the primary capital warship of the Narn Regime in Babylon 5. They are often called G'Quon-class, the name given to them in B5Wars. No class name was given in the series, although the name of a particular cruiser is known -- the G'Tok.


A Narn heavy cruiser is approximately half the length of an EarthForce destroyer, making it roughly 750 meters in length. As a large capital ship, it has jump engines that can open a vortex into hyperspace.

The primary armament of a heavy cruiser is a pair of sustained-fire beam weapons mounted in the bow. These beams can traverse, giving the ship a broad forward field of fire. Secondary armament includes at least one ventral pulse cannon turret and presumably matching dorsal turret(s).

Narn heavy cruisers also carry "energy mines" that launch from the bow of the ship. Energy mines are explosive devices of unspecified yield that can be used on targets thousands of kilometers away.[1]

A Narn heavy cruiser has a bay in the bow that can launch and receive shuttles. Secondary sources say that these cruisers carry starfighters, but they were never seen to launch or recover fighters in the series.

Narn ships lack artificial gravity technology, so crew members must strap themselves into acceleration chairs during combat operations. Lack of artificial gravity means the ship does not have the means to counteract the effects of hard acceleration, limiting the ship's acceleration to what the crew can withstand.


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