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An EarthForce fleet in hyperspace

EarthForce is a collective term for the armed forces of the Earth Alliance in Babylon 5. It usually refers to the Earth Alliance space navy, but Earth Alliance surface forces (such as the "GROPOS" from the episode of the same name) apparently fall under the same overall chain of command.

Known Ranks

  • General (ex. General Haig)
  • Major (ex. Major Ryan)
  • Captain (ex. Captain John Sheridan)
  • Commander (ex. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair, Commander Susan Ivanova)
  • Lieutenant Commander (Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova)
  • Lieutenant (Lt. Warren Keffer, Lt. Corwyn)

It should be noted that the highest-ranking officer at a given location would not necessarily be highest in the chain of command. The officer in command of Babylon 5, for instance, had command authority over all Earth Alliance forces in the sector, even if higher-ranking officers (like Major Ryan) were also present.[1] Earth Alliance President Santiago gave this authority to the commander of B5 because he didn't want the Earth Ambassador -- a post also held by the B5 commander -- subject to orders from other EarthForce officers.


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