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Victory-class destroyer

The Victory-class is a class of starship built for the Interstellar Alliance in the Babylon 5 universe. It was requested by John Sheridan to meet the growing demand for heavy warships, a demand that was straining the smaller ships of the White Star fleet, which were no longer in production.

The Minbari provided much of the technology used in the ships, which were actually constructed by the Earth Alliance.

Only two are known to have been completed: the Victory and the Excalibur.


At roughly 2000 meters in length,[1] the Victory-class is the largest warship built by the Young Races of Babylon 5.

The vessel incorporates an extremely powerful main weapon (by B5 standards) based on Vorlon technology. The energy drain of this weapon is so severe, however, that the ship is essentially helpless for a minute after firing while main power is restored.[2]

The Victory-class includes numerous other weapons, including a battery of beam weapons in the bow, several other beam turrets distributed around the ship, and a number of interceptor batteries.

The Victory-class has launch and recovery facilities for small craft and carries at least one squadron of Starfuries.

For defense, in addition to its interceptors, the ship's hull has refractive properties that redirect much of the energy from attacking beams and pulses back to space. According to one designer, the ship's armor redirects approximately 80% of the energy from an attack away from the ship.[3]

Like most capital warships in B5, the Victory-class has jump engines capable of opening a vortex into hyperspace.



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