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Husker Jay, aka Dark Master Jay, DM Jay, DMJ.

Trektard periodically infesting the Star message boards. Primary argument is the constant whining that SW and ST isn't real, therefore it can't be measured and all calculations based on canon material are automatically invalid (meanwhile, he still references Darkstar's "analysis" of asteroid destruction in Voyager's "Rise")

Appeals to the infamous "no laser fallacy". Consistently creates excuse after excuse to hand-wave away the fact that the Borg damage Federation ships with lasers.

Any lucky turn of events is proof of genius in Star Trek and proof of incompetence of the losing side in Star Wars. Actually tried to claim Benjamin Sisko taking the Defiant on a clear suicide mission in the DS9 episode "Sacrifice of Angels" was a sign of good leadership rather than idiocy.

Insists that Admiral Piett obeying the Emperor's orders to not engage the Rebel fleet was a sign of incompetence and being a yes-man, even though those orders kept the Imperials out of the Death Star's line of fire.

Owes Darth Servo $1000 due to betting Servo couldn't produce the video clip of the ISD Avenger getting hit by two asteroids in TESB.

Is perhaps the ONLY person to think Captain Janeway was a good leader.

Other Greatest Hits

  • Claims to have been in the first tank division to reach Baghdad in Gulf War 1.
  • Tried selectively quoting the databank to try and make it sound like it denied various sizes of TLs. The part he omitted: "Similar weaponry of a smaller scale was employed aboard the Millennium Falcon, and the Trade Federation battleships of a generation previous."
  • Thinks he can make an argument about Stormtroopers being bad by merely calling the Ewoks insulting names and not even trying to objectively analyze all the factors involved in the battle.
  • Ignores the blatantly obvious conclusion that various Trek armies (Federation, Borg, Jem'Hadar) would have done even WORSE at Endor than the Stormtroopers did (hint: unlike the various Trek armies, the Ewoks understand the importance of artillery and ranged weaponry).
  • Implicitly trusts the word of the biggest liar in the SW universe (Palpatine).
  • Thinks an off-hand comment from Seven of Nine -- a character who (like lonely teen-aged males such as Jay) is known for exaggerating their...measurements -- is reliable information in Trek even though the statement is contradicted by other canon facts. Meanwhile a direct order from Admiral Ackbar in SW is not.
  • Thinks ships under construction at a shipyard should be proof of an easily deployable force to intercept the Borg in VOY's "Endgame".
  • Thinks it "insane" to point out the canon differences in characteristics of the weapons.
  • Thinks that when Darth Servo quoted Ackbar's order to "concentrate all fire on that super star destroyer" Servo MUST mean every last turret and cannon on every ship in the fleet fired (even though a number of rebel ships were there only to ram Imperials being packed with explosives. ROTJ novelization pg 164, "Cargo ships loaded with charge were set on collision courses with fortress-vessels")
  • Thinks he can insert units into a unit-less canon quote (point five past light speed).
  • Idiotically thinks the films being silent on a given matter constitutes a contradiction with the EU on that matter (see The English-to-Trektard Dictionary entry "override").
  • Insists canon dialog is wrong when it shows lasers are a threat to Trek ships but infallible when he thinks he can say it means Trek ships are completely immune to them. He also tries to substitute Picard's words of "their lasers" with just "lasers"
  • Thinks he can ignore the databank explicitly stating that a TL bolt is composed of gas particles in favor of insisting its completely "light based"
  • Is so stupid that he thinks light from a laser and light from a star are two completely different forms of energy.
  • Lies about the databank saying TLs are "light based" when it only says that about blasters.
  • Is so stupid he thinks not being able to say with 100% certainty what something is means we can't rule out anything that it clearly is not.
  • Thinks that Stormtroopers losing a fight where they were heavily out-numbered makes them pathetic but a group of at least four Remans losing to a single 60-year-old man is somehow NOT pathetic.
  • Thinks that "Lightspeed" as in the context of "Prepare to make the jump to lightspeed" literally means "1 c" despite the fact that it would take years to travel from one system to anoter if that was actually the case.
  • Does not realize the enormous difference in difficulty in detecting something emitting an active signal (Palpatine's tracing device on the Invisible Hand, B-4's positronic signature) and a ship that has shut down all its systems to appear as a lifeless mass in space (The Millennium Falcon on the back of the ISD bridge tower in TESB).