Finis Valorum

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Finis Valorum

"First I lose my superpowers, then I'm booted out of office. What next?"




Galactic Republic








Chancellor Finis Valorum was the head of the Galactic Senate in the Star Wars Old Republic before Palpatine assumed the office.

Queen Padmé Amidala sought his help when the Trade Federation invaded her planet, Naboo. She stated he had been one of their strongest supporters. Palpatine disagreed with her assessment, commenting that the Chancellor has little real power; the real power was in the hands of the bureaucrats. He suggested that she move for a vote of no confidence on the grounds that Valorum is too weak to do anything to help their people.

When Amidala informed the Senate of the Trade Federation’s illegal actions and insisted the Republic intervene, the representatives of the Trade Federation objected and demanded further investigation. Valorum’s aides whispered in his ear, and Palpatine remarked to Amidala that these were the afore-mentioned bureaucrats, who were also on the payroll of the Trade Federation, and that Valorum's support for their cause would disappear. Sure enough, Valorum agreed with the Federation and asked if Amidala would defer to the proposed commission. She refused and moved for the vote of no confidence, which was quickly seconded, and Valorum was removed from office.