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The Supreme Chancellor, also known as Chancellor of the Republic, Republic President, Grand Chancellor, or President of the Senate was the highest office in the Galactic Republic. The Supreme Chancellor was elected by the membership of the Galactic Senate and served as executive officer for the Republic. The office ceased to exist at the end of the Clone Wars, when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor.


The Supreme Chancellor, in the last days of the Republic, was merely a first among equals and officiator of parliamentary procedure. He could revoke minor aspects of Senate procedure. Palpatine's term in office granted the office powers over the military and regional governments, in effect, making the office a sort of supreme dictator position.

Legal Issues

  • The length of a Supreme Chancellor's term of office is not clearly specified, but Supreme Chancellor Palpatine held the position for an extended term (at least ten years) due to the civil war emergency.
  • A Supreme Chancellor could be deposed by a vote of No Confidence in the Senate, as happened to Supreme Chancellor Valorum.