Death Glider

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The Death Glider is the primary fighter craft of the Goa'uld. Death Gliders are comparatively lightly armed -- carrying two light staff cannons -- and their durability is lackluster; while they can resist small arms fire, they are easily taken down by shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles. While they are effective against Jaffa infantry armed with staff weapons and Iron Age primitives, they are of limited use against Terran infantry in an atmosphere. Their superior space-based manuverability compensates somewhat, as they are able to outmanuver the better-armed Tau'ri F-302s thanks to superior Inertial dampener technology, as well as the fact that the number of Death Gliders that have been produced is far greater than the limited supply of Terran fightercraft. Death Gliders lack FTL drives and are therefore dependent on carrier vessels such as Ha'tak-class Motherships.