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An F-302 in space.

In Stargate, the F-302 is a class of US Military space-capable fighter and the first successful Tau'ri military spacecraft.


The F-302 is primarily based off reverse-engineered Goa'uld technology collected from a pair of captured Death Gliders. The F-302 was an entirely Human-built spacecraft developed after after a failed attempt to retrofit one of the captured Goa'uld fighters known as the X-301. The first prototype (then known as the X-302) was first test flown in 2003. Despite the unfortunate destruction of the prototype, the X-302 was considered a success, and the design was quickly put into mass production to become the standard Tau'ri starfighter. The F-302 is produced both in the United States and in the Russian Federation and is most likely operated by the United Kingdom, France, and People's Republic of China.


The F-302 is armed with a pair of autocannons (later upgraded to railguns) and a payload of four AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles for anti-fighter combat. They can also be modified to carry nuclear weaponry.

Drive Systems

F-302s have several drive systems: a pair of jet engines for atmospheric flight, two aerospike engines, and a rocket motor for extra-atmospheric flight and quick boosts. F-302s are equipped with hyperdrives, but these are extremely short-ranged and rarely used; the fighters generally depend on a larger carrier vessel (such as a Daedalus-class Battlecruiser) for interstellar transport.