Womens’ Jackets

Is there some reason why womens’ jackets don’t seem to have the inside chest-level pocket where men normally keep their wallets? Rebecca has several jackets, none of which have that pocket on the inside. I guess it’s assumed that they’ll use a purse, but how silly is this? Meanwhile, every single one of my jackets has that pocket, and many of them have several.

Are women not supposed to store their wallets anywhere but a purse? Is there some concern that bulky objects in a womens’ jacket inside pocket might create an unattractive bulge? Is there any reason for this? Inquiring minds want to know.

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2 Responses to Womens’ Jackets

  1. aerius says:

    It rubs on their tits.

  2. Greg Dean says:

    This has been a petty beef of mine for two decades – women’s clothes are impractical as a rule, but the lack of pockets is bizarre.
    I have one female friend who I can’t stand (yes, I know). She is every stand-up comedian’s female stereotype bundle in one. And EVERY time I see her is inflicting her purse, bag, phone, lipstick, scarf, glasses, cigarettes, and who knows what else on others. Not just her boyfriend, who she will not let out of her sight, but EVERYONE around her.
    These days I flat refuse to hold her crap, and I tell her that since I learned to wear clothes with pockets when I was a child, then she can damn well grow up and do it too.
    But I have to allow her this: it’s difficult for women. Their clothes are made for show first, comfort a distant second, and practicality almost never.

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