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The BC-303 Prometheus in orbit of P4C-452.

The Prometheus (also known as the X-303 and later BC-303) was a US military spacecraft and the first Tau'ri capital ship. It was originally planned for several more ships of the Prometheus-class to be constructed, but instead the Daedalus-class battlecruisers were designed.


The sole ship in her class, the Prometheus was a prototype, serving as a testbed for reverse engineered technology which was later used in the more advanced Daedalus-class. The ship was launched in late 2002, whereupon it was hijacked by rogue NID agents[1].

In early 2003, the Prometheus temporarily lost hyperdrive capability when it was forced to eject the naqauadria reactor powering its hyperdrive over Tagrea. Later that year, the Prometheus recieved a new reactor from an Al'kesh stolen by Jack O'Neill and Teal'c. After returning to Earth, the Prometheus underwent a refit to replace the hyperdrive and Al'kesh reactor[2].

In late 2004, the Prometheus was placed under the command of Lt. General George S. Hammond during the Battle of Antarctica. During the battle, General Hammond ordered the Prometheus to ram Anubis' Flagship. Howerever, it proved unneccesary as SG-1 managed to locate the Ancient outpost under the ice of Antarctica and use it to destroy Anubis' Fleet[3].

Afterwords, the Prometheus was refitted with various Asgard technologies as well as railguns. After its refit, General Hammond took the Prometheus on a mission to the Pegasus galaxy though it never after being attacked by several Al'kesh and gliders which damaged the ship. In 2005, it was part of a force that stopped the Ori from gaining a beachhead on Kallana. In early 2006, the Prometheus was destroyed by an Ori Satellite Weapon over Tegalus[4].

Per an agreement for use of the Egypt Stargate, the United States has given the Russian Federation the designs and specifications of the BC-303, although they have yet to produce their own ship[5].


  • CWIS point defense cannons
  • 14 Anti-ship missile launchers
  • Mark Nine Naquadriah enriched nuclear warheads.
  • Railguns

Fighter complement

The Prometheus could carry a complement of eight F-302 fighters.


The Prometheus' original hyperdrive was capable of achieving at least 237,383.28c[6]. After losing the naquadriah reactor, it was given the reactor of an Al'kesh which allowed it get home. The intergalactic hyperdrive on the Prometheus could achieve speeds of over 50,000,000c allowing it to get to the Pegasus galaxy in three weeks, though the Prometheus tended to cruise around at 1,314,900c when inside the Milky Way[7]

Notable Crew

  • Lieutenant General George Hammond (Lost City Part II, Prometheus Unbound)
  • Colonel William Ronson (Memento, Grace)
  • Colonel Kirtland (Lost City Part II)
  • Colonel Lionel Pendergast (New Order-Ethon)
  • Major Peter DeLouise (Memento, Grace)
  • Major Erin Gant (Memento, Grace, Lost City Part II)
  • Lieutenant/Captain Kevin Marks (Avalon, Beachhead, Ex Deus Machina, Ethon)
  • Captain Womack (New Order, Endgame, Full Alert, Ethon, The Pegasus Project)
  • Dr. Novak (Prometheus Unbound)
  • Sargeant Walter Harriman (Prometheus Unbound)



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