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Current Flag of the United States of America

The United States of America (USA or US) is a nation on Earth that formed in CE 1776 and rose to become one of the world's two "superpowers" -- along with the USSR -- following World War II. Numerous SD.net Board members reside in the United States.

The US in International Politics

The USA is a large federal republic located in North America, notable for being very large (with a population of over 300 million) and powerful (its Navy is by far the largest in the world and has a global reach) and taking some questionable actions that have made its government unpopular with the rest of the world, including have lax environmental and business policies and going to war in Iraq. Denizens of this republic are usually referred to as "Americans", much to the consternation of the other nations on the continent and its more southerly neighboring continent.

Americans as a whole tend to be very patriotic. Unfortunately, this emotion can easily be perverted into the idea that it is criminal to criticize or question the government.

US Military

The US Military is the most powerful in the world. It is divided into four branches...

The US in Science Fiction

Due to its military power, the size of its population, and the scale of it's entertainment industry, the US is frequently a setting for science fiction stories and even science fiction series.

In Stargate, the Stargate Program and Stargate Command were created and run by the United States military, with forces provided by the Air Force and Marine Corps, although later on the international community (starting with the Russian Federation) gained influence.