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A Titan is a super-heavy Mecha from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Titans are massive machines standing hundreds of meters tall and are among the most powerful ground vehicles in existence. The Orkish analog of a Titan is known as a Gargant.

Imperial Titans

The Imperium's Titans are operated by the Collegia Titanica, a specialized division of the Adeptus Mechanicus dedicated to these mighty machines. To the Adeptus Mechanicus, Titans are more than just war machines but embodyments of the Omnissiah. Individual forces of titans are known as Legions. The Commanding officer of a Titan is called a Princeps, who operates the vehicles through a cybernetic uplink.

  • Warhound-class Scout Titan-This Titan is used as light Titan support. Often operating in packs, they are reknowned for their speed and manueverability, often ambushing larger Titans.
  • Reaver-class Support Titan-In all respects still a light Titan, the Reaver is used to fulfill a long range support roll, often armed with a carapace-mounted missile launcher as well as heavy, long-range guns.
  • Warlord-class Battle Titan-The mainstay of the battle Titans, the Warlord provides fire support on a massive scale. Armed with four primary weapon systems, it is capable of annihilating entire armies.
  • Imperator-class Battle Titan-The final word in Titans, the Imperator class acts as a massive, mobile fortress, carrying platoons of troops into battle for close defense. A Titan of this size is usually used directly against other Titans or static defenses. The Imperator serves as a massive mobile firebase.

Eldar Titans

  • Warlock-class
  • Phantom-class
  • Revenant-class

Chaos Titans

The Chaos factions do not build Titans of their own, but they do capture and corrupt the Titans used by the Imperium.

Orkish Titans

  • Stompa-Comparable to the Warhound Scout Titan, Stompas vary greatly in size, with no standards in construction.
  • Gargant-Gargants are massive effigies of the ork Gods. Bristling with weapons and cobbled together out of spare parts, these towering menaces are not reliable, but they can be deployed more easily en masse than their Imperial counterparts.