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The Tesseract

The Tesseract is an alien artifact in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In appearance, it is a glowing translucent cube. It is one of six "Infinity Stones"; ancient objects of super-advanced alien technology.


At an unspecified point in Earth's history, the Tesseract was hidden on Earth by the Asgardians. It was discovered by Hydra, who used it as a power source for weapons. While in use as a power source for a strategic bomber, the plane was boarded and damaged by Captain America. Johann Schmidt removed the cube by hand from the plane's power system, and he was apparently disintegrated. The cube fell from the plane into the Atlantic Ocean. The cube was later recovered by SHIELD.

SHIELD attempted to duplicate some of Hydra's work, without success. Thanos was able to force open a portal through the cube that sent Loki to Earth to recover it. Loki was unsuccessful, and the cube was returned to Asgard.


  • With the right technology, power can be drawn from the cube in vast amounts. Swiss inventor Arnim Zola was able to use its energy to power everything from directed-energy handguns to strategic bombers and WMDs.
  • With the right technology, the cube can be used to open wormholes to distant locations, such as a rift between Earth and Chitauri space. By unspecified means, it is also possible to force the Tesseract to open a wormhole remotely, but the resulting wormhole is unstable, and transit through such an unstable wormhole is stressful even to superhuman aliens.
  • Directly handling the Tesseract is unsafe, although it can be done briefly without serious consequences. Johann Schmidt was apparently disintegrated when he held onto the cube for too long.



  • According to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, the Tesseract corresponds to the "Space Gem" from Marvel comics.