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Odin, Thor, and Loki of Asgard

Asgard is the home of an advanced alien civilization in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Asgardians were worshipped by the Scandinavian peoples of the 10th century due to their intervention when aliens from Jotunheim tried to invade Earth (although there are suggestions that Asgardians have been visiting Earth for much longer). Asgard may not be in the same universe as Earth, as the laws of physics there appear to be significantly different from ours.


Asgardians are visually indistinguishable from humans, but they are far stronger and tougher. While some Asgardians exhibit physical attributes that far exceed the norm for their race, even mundane Asgardians can lift thousands of pounds and survive the impact of modern firearms. They have life expectancies of approximately 5000 years.

Asgardian strength, hardiness, and longevity may be enhanced by technology or Asgardian magic, as their superhuman attributes can be stripped from them by someone with sufficient power over Asgardian "magic".


Asgard is a monarchy currently ruled by Odin.

Asgard is a "warrior" culture, and most of the population appears to have some combat training. There does appear to be an army that is distinct from the general population, however, and Asgardians undoubtedly vary in fighting ability.


Asgardian technology, which incorporates magic, is vastly superior to modern Earth technology. Asgardians have created artifacts that can manipulate the weather over large areas, fire powerful beams of energy, and teleport man-sized objects over interstellar (possibly intergalactic) distances. Many Asgardian artifacts appear to be capable of responding to the thoughts of authorized users.

Threat Assessment

Asgardians prefer to engage their enemies in close combat, but this preference may be explained by their high durability, which makes ranged weapons less effective against them. They also have advanced body armor and personal shields that reduce the effectiveness of ranged attacks.

They don't appear to have starships, but they do have armed aircraft, and the "Bifrost" device (when operational) gives them the ability to deploy troops in large numbers over vast distances in a matter of seconds.

Important Asgardian structures are defended with force fields and energy cannons that are apparently designed for air defense.

The Bifrost can also be abused as a weapon of mass destruction at interstellar ranges.

Notable Asgardians

  • Odin: The ruler of the Asgardians, Odin has vast personal power (of the Asgardian "magic" variety). He can easily alter the behavior of Asgardian artifacts, generate exceptionally powerful blasts of energy, and deprive other Asgardians of their superhuman attributes. He wields a spear known as Gungnir that can channel Asgardian "magic" into intense beams. For unspecified reasons, Odin has to sleep for an extended period of time at unspecified intervals, an event referred to as the "Odinsleep".
  • Thor: The heir to throne of Asgard, Thor is vastly stronger and more durable than other Asgardians. He wields a hammer called Mjolnir that responds to his (and Odin's) mental commands. It allows him to fly, alter the weather in his vicinity, and direct lightning bolts. While still young by Asgardian standards, he is over 1,000 years old.
  • Loki: The "God of Trickery", Loki is adept at Asgardian "magic", particularly the creation of visible and audible illusions. Although raised Asgardian, he was born a Frost Giant.
  • Heimdall: Heimdall guards the "Bifrost", the Asgardian device that permits rapid teleportation over vast distances. He is also clairvoyant, enabling him to perceive events occurring at interstellar (possibly intergalactic) distances.