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Teleportation is the relocation of an object between two points instantly, usually ignoring any obstructions in between.

In science fiction, teleportation is usually accomplished with technology, but in some settings it is a paranormal ability. In fantasy works, teleportation is a common magical ability.

Examples of Teleportation Technology

Star Trek

The most famous form of teleportation in science fiction is the transporter from Star Trek, which is in use by most space-faring species in the galaxy. Humanity has had transporter technology since the mid 22nd century and only primitive species in backwater sections of the galaxy, such as the Talaxians and the Kazon, lack it.


In Stargate, teleportation is done using a variety of technologies. The most notable is the titular Gate network. For short range jumps, the Goa'uld use devices known as ring transporters that allow instant travel between two points in relatively close proximity, while the Asgard have a much more advanced form of teleportation, which does not require terminals. Asgard teleportation technology can also be used to serve a similar function to Star Trek replicators. This technology was eventually shared with the Tau'ri. The Ori have at their disposal ring transporters comparable to those of the Goa'uld and have developed a system to deploy them using an air-dropped ring terminal, allowing for rapid deployment of soldiers onto the field. The Gadmeer[1], Aschen[2] and Martin's people[3] also have teleportation

The Wraith also make use of teleportation technology, equipping Darts with a system known as a Culling Beam, storing them as patterns. This allows them to rapidly harvest humans for sustenance.

Warhammer 40,000

Many of the Warhammer 40,000 factions have access to teleportation technology that shifts matter from place to place through the Warp, making it extremely hazardous to use.

  • The Imperium of Man has large teleportation systems that it sometimes uses to deploy shock troops from orbit to important tactical objectives on battlefields. This technology is poorly understood and use by individuals not wearing Terminator Armor is usually lethal.
  • The Eldar have miniaturized teleportation technology that their elite Warp Spider Aspect Warriors can use for short-range teleports in battle.
  • The Necrons have the ability to teleport entire armies at a time. This technology is not warp based.
  • The Orks have surprisingly well-developed teleportation technology that they use rather recklessly, compared to other races. Among their weapons is the Shokk Attack gun, which teleports Gretchins into enemy vehicles.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • The Asgardian "Bifrost" device can teleport armies across interstellar distances.
  • The Tesseract can create wormholes that bridge interstellar distances.
  • Sorcerers can employ items called "sling rings" to create teleportation portals between distant locations.


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