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"At least make it a challenge for me!"




Avengers, Asgard




ca.984 CE




Thor is a superhero of alien origin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Thor is the eldest son of Odin, the king of Asgard. He was born somewhere near the time of Asgard's war with the Frost Giants, which occurred in 984 CE. He has visited Earth on multiple occasions, often styling himself the "god of thunder".


As an Asgardian, Thor has superhuman strength and stamina, but he greatly exceeds typical Asgardians in these attributes. His strength is sufficient to lift many tons of mass and deform high-strength metal alloys with his bare hands. His durability is enough to survive superhumanly strong blows and direct hits from powerful energy weapons.

Weapons and Equipment

Thor's primary weapon is a warhammer called "Mjolnir". Said to be "forged in the heart of a dying star", it is extremely durable. It has multiple Asgardian "magitech" features, including the following:

  • Independent flight: When thrown, the hammer flies head-first instead of tumbling. It continues in a straight line, unaffected by gravity, until directed to do otherwise. At Thor's mental command, it will return to his hand. It can also change course to strike multiple targets after being thrown. Thor himself can fly by "throwing" the hammer and keeping hold of the handle or wrist strap.
  • Weather control: The hammer can affect local weather conditions, summoning storms and creating high winds.
  • Lightning: The hammer can direct bolts of lightning, typically by causing and then absorbing a strike from nearby clouds and then releasing it again at a desired target. It can also release indiscriminate blasts of energy in a radius around its wielder.
  • Thought-controlled: The hammer responds to mental commands from authorized users, including Thor and Odin.
  • Use restriction: Odin placed a restriction on the hammer that only allows it to be used or moved by someone he deems worthy. No force created or directed by an "unworthy" person can move the hammer from its resting place; even vehicles and beings as superhumanly strong as the Hulk have been unable to move it. The only person to have unexpectedly lifted it is the android known as the Vision.

The various properties of the hammer indicate that it contains sophisticated propulsion, energy manipulation, and sensory technology, in addition to a sophisticated AI that allows it to implement its instructions.

If expecting a fight, Thor wears body armor of Asgardian manufacture, further increasing his durability.