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StarfleetJedi Forums are the private user forums hosted by JMSpock as a haven for the biggest Trekkies of the internet, where they can reinforce and reassure themselves that everything Darkstar says is right and the Federation is invincible. The stated purpose is "providing a polite and reasonable discussion for the Star Trek versus Star Wars debate", but in practice, insults are hurled just as frequently, but concealed with a veil of political correctness.

It replaced the now defunct strek-v-swars board which served the exact same purpose. Every idiotic Darkstar idea and distortion is thoroughly embraced and repeated until they have come to accept those distortions as canon itself. The forums are the source material of many entries for The English-to-Trektard Dictionary

Active Trekkie posters


Owner and admin


A gratuitous boaster. One of the few people in the known universe who argues for the possibility of the Federation winning a conflict with Ian Bank's Culture.


Aka tjhairball. Believed by some to be JMSpock.


One of the many screen names of Darkstar

Mike DiCenso

A long time versus debater. Known for proposing an alternative scaling methodology and conclusions for turbolaser firepower that is at odds with Brian Young's:

So how big are the asteroids? On both the Strek-v-Swars.Net forum, as well as Matt Carpenter's forum, a variety of scalings were done, often using the approximate width of the TL bolts, as opposed to Young's method, which involved comparing the asteroids to the TL's length. The use of the TL width produced a more accurate scaling, simply due to the fact that height (when impacting or just a frame from impact an asteroid) is less effected than using the length since the the length measurements require correcting for the 3/4 view perspective we are seeing them at. The height of the TL was determined based on comparisons of TL bolts passing close to objects like the X-wing fighters in ANH, and the Falcon in TESB. After that was done, an average was made, and the ratio of the height of the TLs to the long axis of the asteroids was determined. When all was said and done the asteroids in the TESB ISD scene were averaged out between 1.5 to 8 meters. On the extreme outside 14 meters was the maximum size (as scaled by Kane Starkiller). Nowhere near the 20-40 meter size. So about 16 TJ, assuming a perfectly spherical asteroid of 8 meters. The wattage would be around 48 TW, since it takes 8 full frames out of 24 to vaporize the asteroid. However, because the asteroids are lumpy, not perfect spheres, the energy and power required to vaporize them will likely be somewhat less than this.

Greatest Hits:

  • Basically light and medium TLs appear to be in the low single and double-digit kiloton range based on older TL-to-asteroid scalings done on the Strek forum several years ago that put the TESB asteroid at no larger than 14 meters wide, and no smaller than 1 meter. The rough average being 6-8 meters. ... I still went with a rather generous 8 meter asteroid (All the educated participants in the debate scale the asteroids in question to 20-40 meters, even up to 70 meters yet Mr DiCenso insists they're no bigger than 14 meters and calls eight meters 'generous')
  • It also generously assumed that the asteroids were solid spheres of iron that were being vaporized, rather than loose collections of oblong or lumpy shaped rock. novelization. (Copying Stewart at SDI idiotic claim that the asteroids in TESB were soft and easily pulverized even though they survived collisions with metalic TIE fighters. {citation needed]
  • I would have to assume that a TL does not really vaporize anything using DET, but rather uses a technobabble mechanism to shunt matter into hyperspace. (Trektards on StarfleetJedi love to assume a passage in a Star Wars novel describing the superlaser giving planetary matter a "superluminal "boost"...into hyperspace" somehow lowers the energy requirements of the Death Star. They like to play these little word substitution games, replacing "boost" with "shunt" and pretend their reworded version is the canon. [citation needed]

Who is like God arbour

AKA Wilga or WILGA. Believed by some to be AVOGARDO

Mr. Oragahn

An unremarkable idiot inhabiting the StarfleetJedi forums. He insists he isn't a trekkie in spite of his mindless copying many of the idiotic ideas spouted by Darkstar, JMSpock, Mike DiCenso and tjhairball. In all fairness, he does appear to be more of a Stargate wanker rather than a true trektard.


AKA Picard578 on some other places.

Active Warsie posters


Wayne Poe

Kane Starkiller

Probably the most active and staunch defender of Star Wars on SFJN.

Cpl. Kendall

Poster from SDN


Unidentified from other sites


Currently only active Warsie poster as of autumn of 2011.

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