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Banned from SD.net, now believed to be posting at StarfleetJedi under the screen name of "Who is like God arbour".

Claims to be a lawyer in Germany and that somehow this makes him a science expert.

Appeals to "holes" in our understanding of gravity in order to justify making up what ever bullshit he wants. He then challenges everyone else to prove his ideas wrong. The fact that his having nothing backing them up in the first place constitutes said proof is clearly lost on him. He further appeals to possible future "paradigm shifts" to insist all of his nonsense is perfectly legitimate. In other words, typical anti-science idiocy.

Greatest Hits

  • From his introductory post at StarfleetJedi forums:
I have worked at a District Court and have conduct trials. I was court representative for the Public Prosecutor's Department. I have to understand scientifical expertises and have to base my ruling on these. I think, I know, how to debate and analyse evidences.
  • Later at SFJ forums:
Competence is not shown by having a degree in something.
That is only an indicator.
Competence is shown by competent behavior.
The competence of an engineer, who has said, that he would employ the dead man's switch" principles to a star ship, like in a terrestrial reactor, is more than dubious. A competent engineer should be able to recognize the requirements on a system, which he or she is engineering. There are huge differences between a star ship and a terrestrial reactor, which need different solutions. If a terrestrial reactor shut down, nobody have to die. If a star ship loses its main power or its fuel, it could mean the death of the whole crew. A engineer, who is not able to see these differences can't be a competent engineer.