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Mobile Command.jpg

Cpl Kendall employs the insignia of the now defunct Mobile Command element of the Canadian Armed Forces. A nod to his previous service and the switch back to Land Forces Command, which took place during his career.

Board History

Cpl Kendall joined SDN in early 2004 after finding the board several years before when he entered "stardestroyer.net" into Google, while bored one day at work.

Previously quite active in topics ranging from the actual VS debate to defending gay rights and opposing US imperialism, in the last year or so he has largely abandoned debating in favour of other hobbies and a more active personal life. Though he can still be found commenting in threads pertaining to the military or PTSD.

Real Life

In real life Cpl Kendall is a Canadian Forces Veteran (Radio Operator MOC 211), who retired for medical reasons in mid 2003. He is the father of two young children and husband to former board regular Mrs Kendall.