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Lyta Alexander



Earth Alliance, Psi Corps, Babylon 5








Lyta Alexander is a telepath who was originally assigned to Babylon 5 as a commercial telepath, one who monitors business transactions for deception on the part of one of the participants. When the new Vorlon ambassador to the station was poisoned, she telepathically scanned the ambassador to see if she could determine who poisoned him. After the ambassador recovered, the Psi Corps recalled her to Earth for debriefing about the experience.

Lyta rebelled and escaped from the Psi Corps. She eventually made her way to the Vorlon Empire, where she underwent biological and psychological modifications before returning to Babylon 5 as the ambassador's assistant.

After Kosh's death, Lyta was forced to re-enlist in Psi Corps in order to make a living, but she left again upon meeting Byron, a telepath who was attempting to establish a safe place for human telepaths to live without Psi Corps regulation. After his death, Lyta took over the movement, arranging to trade telepath genetic material to the Narns in return for a planet to colonize and large sums of money. She used some of the money to fund a terrorist movement that would eventually destroy the Psi Corps, changing the way EarthGov dealt with telepaths in the population. Long before the resolution of the conflict, however, she was captured by John Sheridan and imprisoned in isolation until released into the custody of G'Kar to explore the galaxy with him. Her exact fate in the wake of the "Telepath War" is uncertain.


Although rated P5 when first posted to Babylon 5, Lyta's abilities increased dramatically after she was surgically altered by the Vorlons. After the increase in her telepathic abilities, she was able to do the following:

  • Easily block telepathic scans by Alfred Bester (a Psi-Cop known to be rated P12).
  • Paralyze Shadow ships by telepathically attacking the pilots.
  • Simultaneously control the actions of dozens (perhaps hundreds) of humanoids at once.
  • See remote locations at least several meters away (with no direct line of sight).
  • Telekinetically pick locks and disable electronic devices.

She once described herself as the telepathic equivalent of a Weapon of Mass Destruction, but the exact meaning of that description is unclear.

In addition to increases in her telepathic powers, the Vorlon modifications include "gills" that allow her to breathe normally in toxic atmospheres. The limitations of this modification are unknown.