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Telekinesis is the ability to move objects simply by thinking about it. Telekinesis is a fairly common ability in in science fiction settings that include psychic powers.

Telekinesis in Star Wars

In Star Wars, telekinesis is one of the most obvious powers of individuals able to manipulate the Force, including both Jedi and Sith. Advanced Force practitioners have shown the ability to manipulate tons of mass using the Force.

Telekinesis in Star Trek

Telekinesis is a relatively rare ability in Star Trek. Many super races have telekinetic abilities, but very few humanoids have demonstrated telekinesis. A group of aliens who lived briefly among the ancient Greeks before moving on to settle the planet Platonius, however, acquired telekinetic abilities from consuming a substance called kironide found in the local food supply[1]. While visually indistinguishable from humans, the Platonians aged very slowly, and their immune systems were extremely weak, making even a tiny scratch a life-threatening infection risk. Dr. McCoy discovered the source of their powers and determined that it could be duplicated in ordinary humans, but the Federation has never duplicated the power since, even in military emergencies.


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